a74df65aee18ff9d66f01d765cc107ae7376087b318d7c75c97859e597b6f509event-photo-1385643047-qobuu-680052827The city of Munich has introduced a gay couples version of the city’s traffic lights, just in time for the city’s Christopher Street Day (Gay Pride) celebrations this weekend of the 11th of July 2015. The new lights installed at pedestrian crossings show gay, lesbian and heterosexual couples waiting patiently together at the signals or crossing the road hand-in-hand.

Traffic-lights-CRED-GETTY_640x345_acf_croppedThe special panes bearing the outlines of the happy couples are removable, so once the weekend is over they can be replaced with more conventional ones. The idea for gay themed traffic lights were first introduced in Vienna as a way of celebrating the Eurovision Song Contest this year as a symbol of tolerance. Same-sex love has gotten the green-light with this installed special traffic light filters showing male-male, female-female, and opposite-sex couples in place of the typical stick figures.

gay-themed-traffic-lights-installed-in-vienna-for-the-2015-eurovision-song-contest-have-proven-so-popular-that-authorities-have-now-decided-to-keep-them-for-good0In Vienna the lights have proven so popular that authorities have now decided to keep them for good and even turn them into t-shirts. Most citizens and tourists are supportive or at least indifferent to the signals, and a Facebook page created to support their presence has received over 20,000 likes.

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