bandZaterdag2dEvery Summer, it’s party time in Ghent for TEN days!!! Not only for the City itself, what’s a yearly returning festivity…but also for the Show queen Diva’s from Ghent. The Show queen group Les Folles De Gand.
This year, it is already the 17th celebration from this Belgium famous Showqueen group, with the wonderful Leading Lady Miss Michelle and her members Lani Love, Boopsie and last but not least Miss Jennifer. Every Queen has her own personal charisma and in a show from more than 3 hours they can display all of their specialties on the stage. This year it will be the 17th time that they will hit the stage in Ghent, so let us remember last year’s show and making you wanna party from next week with them. I call him my showqueen reporter who wouldn’t miss any good dragqueen show, so Christiaan D’Hooghe was there to feel their heat and passion.

Christiaan’s Showqueen report:
What can I say about this amazing show! Darlings, come and read in this blog.
The temperature was HIGH outside, we’re talking 30 degrees….hot summer.
But on stage it even went HIGHER!!! Les Folles is known for NEVER re-doing a song or a act twice. Miss Michelle is protecting that concept. So every year they work hard on re-shaping an re-inventing.


DSC_0580One of the show queens Miss Jennifer proves to be an outstanding Celine Dion.
It shows when she enters the stage in her beautiful white silk dress, covered with A thousands of crystals and rhinestones In a version of All coming back, you could imagine yourself in Las Vegas….where La Dion performed her million dollar contract night after night, Truly a glowing version! Her facial expression, the famous Celine poses…she is HERE!



The comic relief of the evening is the voluptuous sister from the few years ago retired transvestite, Tootsie. ( And The only female artist in this group.) Her name is Boopsie and the other is Showqueen Gigi Extravaganza.


Gigi has many alter-egos like “The Turkish saleswoman Fatima”, who in her own way steals bags from her naive customers. Gigi is not the average show queen, but certainly a great comedienne and very funny. Why, that you can see immediately when Mega Mandy jumps on the stage. Boopsie is larger than life, literally….But she jumps, she dances and gives an almost presumption of public stag diving…It took our breath away.

02The tallest of this nights show queens is, Miss Lani Love! She really stands out with head and shoulders above the crowd. Her acts are mostly supported by Sharp-lined and stamping choreographies. For this act she enters the stage with a horse head fabricated headpiece and tale. Wearing a skintight white bodysuit!
Recently, the gay dancing choreographer Yanis Marshall performed at X Factor in Great Britain. This music is now used as a setting for thé horse-tastic act from La Love. Lady Gaga, Let’s have a kiki, Donna Summer Bad Girl, etc. That Yanis choreos makes THIS a battle performance as tonight seen here, and hell yeah….she shows them all with her background dancers. It’s tacky, chic, edgy, and VERY sharp lined!

DSC_047814Special guest of the evening is the highly celebrated Miss Drag queen Belgium 2013, Miss Sacha Ryan. La Ryan who is known for her voluptuous breasts and raging dance acts in flabbergasting/stunning outfits she NEVER leaves anything for imagination.
With our mouths wide open in astonishment, she appears as a sexy teacher on stage, the sounds of Work Bitch by sexy Britney Spears blasting out of the speakers …. It’s SACHA … BITCH …. BAAAAAM!! And there goes the school uniform, the bombshell blonde hair becomes loosened, and we see the curvy body of Sacha in a sexy and arousing dance performance.13 Together with her Divine sexy spiced UP dancers the temperature rises many degrees on stage. She displays her breasts and is leaving no skin covered…there is only one who dares. La Ryan! FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC!!! Sacha Ryan is also an incredible Belle Perez. 15Moves, facial expression, every moment is detailed worked out like the Latin Belgian singer. La Ryan has dressed her curvy and beautiful body fully again in Couture. Yellow black outfit for the occasion made by Show Queen designer Dirk Vervoort. The audience claps, and swings with this medley and what a wonderful Summer vibe we get from this performance.

10409541_10152245453393097_2438944102287193373_n934764_10152568486082801_5975058358881104413_nThe ladies of Les Folles de Gand enter on the stage as true Ice (Show) Queens.
On this year’s flyer seen, if one would be curious…rain drop shaped headpieces seem to be flown in from Antarctica, and the 1001 crystals are spark-tastic…! Dazzling Miss Michelle, the leading lady of this group shows that she and her feathered divas are outstanding, utterly Magnificent! Like a Revue in Paris never over the top, but gracefully!

DSC_0778Extra attention should be paid to the two male dancers from So You Think You Can Dance in their own part of the show Cedric Landrieu & Michael Iongbloed.06 Their beautiful bodies melting together truly divine, in a breathtaking spectacle of acrobatics and even more sensual dance moves. Cedric has the ability to reveal a thousand outstanding poses, flexible like a elastic band. No strains, just floating like a feather on the breeze. With a spectacular lift up in the sky, the two dancers synchronously rest on each other’s shoulders, resulting a breathtaking silence through the hall.

0709Miss Michelle then gets the whole audience in a 05gay wave with her Medley “Young Hearts (Run free!), I never promised you a Rose Garden and the more than never ever gay song “Ich bin wie du ..” Don’t we just love it…? YESSS! A show queen dressed like a Queen. Floating on the stage, dancing and twirling. Beautiful!

DSC_0616Then there is a breathtaking silence! On stage comes a mobile object…making us all very curious….sitting on the edge of our chairs…. What does this mean … ? Blasts of a James Bond 007 tune-ish … which suggests the winner of Eurovision 2014 … Conchita Wurst on the scene …. and yes …. The tallest Show Queen of tonight, Lani Love is in the spotlight the same way as La Wurst did in Copenhagen.10505398_670758409664855_2177382042402255651_nThen A scene/set change of the two other leading ladies! Conchita one year later …. long beard and hair, and then 10 years later …! Conchita has become larger then then life. A female variant of the Greek Demis Roussos Hilarious! Neptune bearded. This act provides of course the necessary laughter! Because the last year now we have seem more than a 100 Show queens performing this act, finally something new. A threesome with La Wurst perhaps..? Be careful this is getting SO 18 plus, X-rated. Back to the show darlings!

IMG_9567_(2)folles4_5_2014As an additional and final climax, this night had many m-ore-gasmes slash climaxes … the celebrated Miss Jennifer performs an outstanding Rio de Janeiro Samba Queen Medley on stage. Huge headpieces with even bigger bootie feather tale parts … JLO would not even fit them. HUGE!! Many skin and hip moves …. and that’s why is she is such a celebrated Queen. Fabulous choreo! She dances on remixes, Feeling Hot Hot …. don’t we all, dear ….. Samba di Janeiro, but also an amazing Lambada remix finishes it off.

0All ladies enter the stage again. This has radiance of a high quality Parisian Revue. Lido beautiful outfits, canary yellow, with an overkill of rhinestones etc. Because of the huge outfits the female background dancers disappear in the plumes. So funny. Everybody get thanked by Miss Michelle for performing on the show. Unfortunately, the end of the 16th show of Les Folles de Gand is there, but this year is already new one starting this Friday for ten days!!!

gfLes Folles de Gand – Christmas Show at 24/12/2014

DSC01379 (2)What can I say about this show …. nothing but good.
Wonderful location and well organized, fantastic Show Queens, marvelous costumes and good lighting. (Not to forget the laser-acts!) Very diverse. Comic, dance, stand up, music of this time, several decades etc. In a few words…. a MUST see. Les Folles de Gand 16 years after their first show, 16 years we know why. Because they give quality! Good luck darlings, keep it going and….see you this year!!!”

Thank you  Christiaan for a report that makes you feel we were in the audience as well. Follow us for more at Facebook, Youtube, Instagram or Twitter.

lesley07Big kiss,

Lesley Middleton


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