UK’s first-ever Leather Pride 2015 will be hosted by which city….??? #pinkbits


leather_pride_posterThe answer is……BRISTOL!!!

CGWwLdVWcAMEKy8Yes, the UK’s first Leather Pride is heading to the 01_mrleatheruk2015southwest city from 6-8 November, and is set to include events, parties, workshops, an art exhibit, a charity quiz, a speed-dating night, a Mister LeatherWest competition, a Bristol walking tour and even ‘fine leather dining’.

CH79WEJWgAAXmpP11038999_1663375913898003_4445374090857595347_nOrganizers claim they have chosen Bristol because it is a ‘quirky city and is well suited to leathermen’. With everything from a BLUF dinner, Mister contest and parties to fetish workshops, culture, a bike ride and a pub quiz, the men of british non-profit organization LeatherWest truly outdid themselves and raised the standard for fetish events after organizing their first Bristol Leather Weekend (official hashtag #BLW2015) from October 17th to 19th this year.

CIarIrUWwAAY6ho02_blw2014-470x340The popular LeatherWest app, already been copied by other leather events in Europe, succeeds in creating a very catchy positive online buzz about their event. Which might also be a consequence of their extensive news coverage of the leather weekend on social media, thereby making the whole event and leather more visible and more easily accessible for the wider community.

leather_pride-1200x700_cadverts-for-out-bristol-2015More details about UK Leather Pride will be released through the year. Found out more how a Leatherpride experience is through our report from the Leather Pride in Antwerp/Belgiumleatherpride-belgium, which will be held again from the 17th of February 2016:

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