_DSC6734seth-fornea-1002OMG, I did this great interview with Red Hot Ginger Seth Fornea a few months ago and finally I found it back after a virus hacked my computer and screwed it all up. And not in the way we like to get screwed!!! I don’t know about you guys, but I am loving these shots of the seriously sexy Seth that is floating around the internet. You may recognize this gorgeous ginger as a model for Colt Studios and the Red Hot Calendar. He’s got a red hot bod, sexy face and he’s not shy when it comes to showing off his body. Seth was gladly to oblige when I asked him for an interview and he gave me besides great honest answers also some sexy pics to share with you all for my blog.

tumblr_mauodwIPgd1rzo5rno1_500Kevin D Hoover_5_croppedHi Seth, thank you first for giving me the chance to interview you for my blog Pink In Our Lives. Even though you made ginger a HOT color again, maybe you can still introduce yourself a bit more to my readers?Seth_6
“Well I was born and matured in Louisiana, USA. My hometown was really small, Angie Louisiana, population 240. I lived on a horse farm with both my biological parents and my 3 siblings, two sisters and one brother. It was a really fun childhood full of horse riding, fishing, farming, riding 4 wheelers, anything you could imagine from a really rural upbringing. Basically we ate grass fed beef before it was cool and thought nothing of it lol. I went to college in north Louisiana and got a B.S in chemistry. I was also a collegiate rower there! 4 years of learning an athletics and so much fun! After undergrad I went to graduate school at Clemson University and got a masters in chemistry (graduate school was not so much fun rather a lot of work)”

IMG_5900You are one of the winners of the WE PARTY contest Gods of Olympus 2014 next to Fabio Di Domizio and Fran Suarez and you got to go dancing at New Year’s Eve in Madrid. How was this party for you and how did you became one of the contestants?
“Yes I was fortunate enough to win a spot dancing in Madrid for the WE Party New Year’s Festival. I initially filled out a short application online and then was selected as one of the 10 semifinalist. From there and through the support of friends and fans I was able to make the top three and go on the trip! I dance 5 parties over 6 days…it was the experience of a lifetime! The costumes each night were so on point and fantastic! The music and the energy of each night was at times surreal! I highly recommend the WE Party events”. 🙂

seth-fornea-1003COLT_Collection_SethFornea_5571You are a very hunky hairy redhead. Were you always like that when you were younger or were you the kid that got bullied of your red hair?COLT_Collection_SethFornea_5660
“I was a really shy, awkward, and not socialized young redhead until about the age of 18. I had super low self-esteem, not a lot of friends, and lived 33 miles from my school. It was very isolated. I turned to my studies and my hobbies to occupy my time and didn’t really develop a lot of social skills till I went to college. I was I would say pudgy lol. I started working out in college when I tried out for the rowing team there”.

IMG_6565nastypigfullYou do a lot of modelling and one of the projects you worked on was the Red Hot Project. How was that and why did you decide to work on that project?_DSC6595
“I met Thomas Knights through social media about 3 years ago. Before he really even got the ball rolling on Red Hot. By that time I had been on the scene for a bit and was easily recognizable among red head enthusiast. Thomas and I planned our shoot on one of his trips to NYC. The shoot took maybe 1 hour…we had a blast…Thomas had a delightful personality. I was very proud of the work and the impact of his overall project. It’s a great collection of red headed men!”

Teaser Red Hot Project in New York:

10806282_746341642103054_1443663169176202814_n917038_839901306024770_338949099_nYou have a cute boyfriend Jared Bradford and you look so great together. How long are you together and how did you two meet? Was it love at first sight?10881708_772292526174632_6210519375882088122_n
“Jared Bradford LeBlanc, my best friend and lover have been together 3 years. The story of our romance is so eloquently told here.” 🙂
(Pink In Our Lives: Look it up with the link above and read page 22 till 27 and fall in love with these sweet guys)

1491459_744494662287752_7521915128236009420_oWhat do you look for in a partner and would you love to get married someday since it’s possible in NYC?
“I look for someone who is honest, in touch with their hormones, not in self-denial, intelligent and applied intelligence, fair, and a sense of adventure. Jared and I don’t have plans to get married. Simply because marriage does not represent what we are. Nothing is constant….vows seem to me like ultimatums that don’t allow a couple to evolve and grow. We favor honesty and freedom over something restrictive. I short we both want a limitless life experience”.

project_q_morning_fix_seth_fornea_rick_day_main-e1376362820458seth7You definitely enjoy dancing when you catch you perform at parties and clubs. What makes you different from any other go-go dancer and what makes for you the perfect night?tumblr_nnwgu19Xpv1sx9d42o1_500
“Physically it would only be my hair color. I am one of few redheads in an ocean of dancing brunettes. However lots of dancers are in much better shape…I need to work on that lol…but geez I love French fries! Personality wise I think my most distinguishing factor is my interaction with people when I am not on stage dancing. I always make time to go out in the crowd, chat with people, take pictures, and interact with patrons that keep cheering for me in my little dancing journey I am on. I think it’s very imports at go meet the people that have the collective voice to keep me on the scene. I think a lot of dancers neglect to do that or remain in their own cliché without branching out a little and saying hi to a stranger who really wants to talk with them. You would be really surprised at the attitudes I encounter backstage sometimes….divas of their own little world. The perfect night for me is wearable and comfy costumes, totally dope music, and surrounded by friends at the party!”

Seth_8seth-fornea-1You are a very busy guy who models, go-go dances at bars and host in clubs. What do you do in your spare time?Seth-Fornea-naked-and-showing-his-hot-redhead-dick-for-gay-porn-site-COLT-Studio-Group-4
“In my spare time I go to the gyms LOT! I blog, watch my vampire shows (originals and vampire diaries), visit with friends, explore NYC, photography collaborations, I cook, play with my boyfriend and our cute little doggy. I live a very happy life”.

81M6XKKUz6L._SY355_You did a photo shoot with Colt studios for the first time in May 2013 and that didn’t leave much for the imagination (Thank God LOL). Many fans like myself want to know is there a follow up? Also can we expect something more than just a solo shoot? (Will there be a sex-scene in the future? Please give my readers the scoop? 😉
“I did do a follow up to the May 2013 shoot in December of 2013. Those are the fully nude images that you see in the 2015 calendar. There will be other COLT shoots in the future I hope…they are wonderful to work with. As far as a sex scene…..that really depends on how ballsy I feel at the moment and how much I want to push the envelope of public acceptance on the average. There is so much I want to do in the mainstream I have to be careful and walk a thin slightly dabbling in the world of porn”.

seth-fornea-10074fdf766aa96d915bba54e240845c1742You also have a calendar out for 2015 with Colt Studios. What is your favorite month on the calendar, why and how was the photo shoot? Where can my readers order this sexy treat for themselves?       ginger-112                                                                                                     My favorite images didn’t make it in the calendar. But If I were to pick a month it would be April. The shoot itself was done in Sonoma CA in December of 2013. It was cold and so hard to maintain a boner when I felt purple lol. But alas it was 3 days of fun, posing, joking around, and getting to know the great men behind COLT! I shall remember it fondly always :). I am very proud to join the legacy of COLT men and have my own calendar”.

boy24You have been going on a big tour with Bradley through Europe and the USA. What part of that trip and city did you enjoy the most?
“Jared actually worked in LA for New Years and I went to Madrid solo. My fav part of that trip were the new friends I made! I got close to some amazing guys and I really hope to meet and work with them again. WE Party definitely treats you like family when you work for them! It was wonderful”.

I think you have never visited Antwerp in Belgium, while u were very close being in Amsterdam as Seth-Fornea-Homotography-Steven-Trumon-Gray-06well. ;o) We love to welcome you guys here sometime. What country or city would you love to visit in the future and what is your favorite holiday destination?
“I really want to go to São Paulo or Rio in Brazil. My hormones have a special eye for Brazilians and I can’t think of a better place to vacation”. :))

7yEeVOtCan you share a secret for us that most people not knew about you?
“A secret. I secretly bite my tongue and hold back my dislike of how non punctual the people of my generation are. Biggest pet peeve”.

seth-fornea-hot-body-burbujas-de-deseo-03If you can decide the location, the photographer and the model you have to be paired with for a sexy naked shoot, what would your choices be and why?
“I would rather it be a surprise….but nothing below 80 degrees Fahrenheit”.

tumblr_n3kf8iry8R1s4nnoho1_500PCA15A-552=242~EaLast but not least some quick reactions on the following words or phrases:seth-fornea-1010
USA or Europe? “USA”
Top or Bottom? “Completely versatile”
Dancing or modelling? “Dancing”
Favorite type of Man? “Google “Dante Oliver” or “Rowan Davidoff” or “Jesse Metcalfe”
Cut or uncut? “Uncut”
Favorite Music? “House and dance music”
Love or sex? “Love for the long haul”
Hairy or clean shaven? “Naturally smooth”
Best memory? “Dancing Pines Party 2013 with Jared”
Briefs, boxers or…? Jockstraps
Bareback or safe sex? “Safe sex in general (Bareback doesn’t imply unsafe in certain situations)”
Ultimate goal in life? “Ultimate goal is to not regret not trying”

_DSC6558IMG_3954 (High Res) - Version 2Thanks again Seth for the great and honest answers. I wish all the best and luck for you and Bradley and whenever you gonna visit Belgium, let us know and we show you a good time. Follow us back at Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Youtube. Big kiss, Lesley Middleton

Thanks for the interview and I will :))




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