COAuWuyUYAAspPO.jpg largeWalter-Savage-Gets-My-Juices-Flowing-5So many hunks in the world to choose from, but this man Walter Savage can be anybody’s type. He was in the Walter-Savage-is-a-gorgeous-male-model-8beginning pretty buff and looking like a gorgeous jock model, now he is a lot hairier, but totally ripped and still as hunky as ever. I Love him in either way. I would not be kicking this man out of my bed for anything, so just wonder what it might be like to have him in your bed :o)

walter-savage-ripe-healthy-food-delivery-nyc-2Walter-Savage-Gets-My-Juices-Flowing-3Walter is born in North End Wilkes Barre, PA, but this single man is currently living in Manhattan, NEW CG8ga5LXIAES_mZYORK and got just this last 8th of August only 25 years old! #congratulations

Most of his friends and family call him Wally. The occasional tough name “Savage” comes up from time to time, but his favorite nickname is Walt that his grandfather used to call him. His “Pop” is also the person who he admires the most in the world. His grandfather taught him also a talent at the age of twelve that not many people know about Walter: He can cut hair. Walter also has a degree in Forensic Chemistry and his guilty pleasure is definitely almond butter!

Walter-Savage-4Walter-Savage-20Stunning sensation male model Walter has walked catwalksB-yz0vbUAAA6Swx and posed for many photographers and showing off for many designers like for the lens of Marco Ovando for Garçon Model, Calvin Klein, Moschino11412342_591022864374109_8576117081856958509_n, photographers Juan Neira and Greg Vaughan, OUT MagazineWalter-Savage-90, HUF Magazine, Winq and SHARP Magazine.

Walter-Savage-is-a-gorgeous-male-model-3walter-savage-105What’s his favorite thing about being in fashion? “The experience’, Walter mentions.”I like the challenge of the fashion world. If it were so easy, every great-looking guy and girl would be supermodels! The art of becoming this ideal image is the beauty of it all. As my agent Jason Kanner says, it’s the return of the male supermodel”.

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