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made-on-the-dancefloorGET YOUR DANCING SHOES ON IF YOUR ARE IN THE UK!!! “Made on the Dancefloor” is coming and they want YOU!!!

Do you know your Cha Cha Cha from your Rumba? Is there a hidden Tango or American Smooth bursting to get out? If so, why not get your dancing shoes on and show everyone that you were “MADE On The Dancefloor”!

11012976_10153667160685348_447561363777654494_n11083664_10153439043440348_2299374874505714972_nTelevision show “Made on the Dancefloor” by City TV channel, Made in Tyne and Wear is coming and they want YOU! Mister Gay World 2014 Stuart Hatton Jr. has finally spilled the beans with his secret that he had to keep for some time now. The secret is out and they are looking for 5 couples, aged 18 to 80, to join them for their fantastic new show and unlike other dance shows they welcome same sex couples. No experience is needed as you’ll be taught by a dance professional – all they need is your time, commitment and bags of enthusiasm.

You’ll be asked to learn one dance routine, drawn at random, to perform on television in front of an 11137106_1157347367615129_6783839967983952846_naudience and celebrity judging panel. Their professional dance coach (Stuart Hatton Jr.) will teach you a specially choreographed routine lasting 90 seconds to dazzle the audience with. There will be feathers, sequins, lights and glamour and lots of laughs along the way. The winning couple will be crowned “MADE On The Dancefloor Champion 2015” and receive a specially made trophy plus a weekend in London at a top hotel with £500 spending money to enjoy the January sales.


12004121_10153846960055348_1243720163686900229_nThey are going to be the first TV show to allow same sex ballroom dancers to compete on British TV, because Strictly Come Dancing doesn’t allow same-sex couples…yet. They say:Strictly Come Dancing is a family show the traditional format of mixed-sex couples. At the moment we have no plans to introduce same-sex couples in the competition.Louis-Smith1_640x345_acf_croppedFormer contestant Louis Smith says same-sex dance couples should be allowed on the show.I don’t see nothing wrong with that. Ballroom dancing has rules – like you can’t do lifts in the waltz unless it’s an American Smooth, and things like that, and you get penalized. And I don’t know what the rules are in the ballroom world about that sort of thing. But if it’s allowed, why not? Mix it up a little bit!”

B5Pw68aIIAAn1mcLots of people disagree with Strictly Come Dancing and the BBC and they would like to see everybody dance in which form as a couple they prefer. That’s why this show has brought to life and will start in October 2015 with a grand finale on Monday the 23rd of November. B5Pw68pIEAAP0HWThey have their panel of celebrity judges and a fabulous head coach (Stuart), so what are you waiting for? Join Stuart and Peter Darrant from madeintyneandwear and just complete the application form – – and join them for this ‘dance-tastic’ show! It doesn’t matter if you’re 23 or 93, if you’ve danced before or if you’re a novice, let’s put on those dancing shoes and show your moves on the telly.

jHrdjFTSee here Stuart and Strictly Come Dancer Callum MacDonald for Freed of London “The same, but different” behind the scenes and get a look how a same-sex couple dance looks like:

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Lesley and Stuart Hatton Jr.
Lesley and Stuart Hatton Jr.

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