11951894_10206987310661869_7901148419716110561_nA BITE OUT OF OUR PINK WORLD

Transgenders with no more boundries!!!

Isis_KingWho remembers Isis King? A beautiful fashionmodel, who put herself on the race for becoming America’s Next maxresdefaultTop model widely acclaimed by fashion model Tyra Banks!Yes she was there…Cycle 11. Isis was very beautiful and made a very good impression for the world. Isis was the first Transgender model in a competition. She didn’t won, but became 10th. It opened doors for her to become an actress, you can see her in Soap Opera The Bold & The Beautiful, and became a guest on the talkshow “Ellen” with Ellen Degeneres.


caitlyn-The girls nowadays can rely on the coming out, as we speak from society Diva Caitlyn Jenner. caitlyn-jenner-july-2015-vf-01Kardasian is a name, but Caitlyn even more. Opening a widely platform and spokesperson for the transgender world.


11403491_10206603220699860_4071410709456566159_nHollands Next Top Model delivered a lot of very beautiful fashion models with a widely acclaimed Schermafbeelding-2015-09-04-om-19_36_511-e1441388308284name.( Who can forget Kim Feenstra, Sylvia Geerts and many more) This season they present you the blond, very beautiful and shining Loiza. 20 years of age. Funny, lots of girl power, beautiful body and facial bone structure. And Loiza is…….. a transgender!!!

uuid=bd2b2b55-56cf-4a2a-972c-bcc91d507e4bhelder500-e1441703473292In a face to face conversation, already the third episode of the show. Loiza shares her “secret” with Fred Glamourland-Fred-van-Leer-2Van Leer, coach from the models.And being private spokesperson. In an emotional conversation Loiza shares with Fred that she was born as a boy. She lived her life from 6 years of age as a girl. Loiza was born and raised surrounded by her lovely family. They always supported her and still do!!!

loiza374466_10202768903124317_1870129725_n2 years ago she had her transition. She choose not to share right from the beginning with the other girls. uuid=a5d0f2fa-5417-4fc5-b146-0c2bff71aaed(In this part of the competition she still hasn’t.) Neither in the castings. So there would be no prejudices and compete on her own powers. And she does!!! Leaving Fred flabbergasted, ending the conversation with..” There is not much to talk about, you’re a woman.”

11986985_1161323540551488_5134396275676391077_n1442259946_LOIZA_5Loiza is in this competition one of the favorites. Displaying her outstanding wide brilliant smile. Beautiful blue eyes, and Holland’s-Next-Top-Model-kandidaat-is-transgenderblond bobbed hair. A tingle of joy, when she’s laughing and being so honest. Not afraid to work hard, what she does!!! Loiza is a happy girl! We are very curious for the new episodes of HNTM! Crossing our Fingers for Loiza! And whatever happens….you did it girl. Pink in our Lives is FAN!!!

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97aBig kiss,

Lesley Middleton and co-writer Christiaan D’Hooghe



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