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11903806_906531936093536_6968478958998331466_nAfter my workout I headed to the showers, as I stepped into the shower I noticed Tom the DILF. Tom Jessy-Ares1-520was every inch a DILF from his tall, ripped body; his chest covered in silver peppered hair and his quiet confidence. I entered my shower turning on the water full force to help me drown out my indecent thoughts. Several minutes went by, when suddenly, my eyes snapped open to the site of Tom standing his muscled body glistening under the water. As my eyes studied his body from his thick thighs and up to his thick…

Without thinking I motioned him to join me. He grabbed my hips with his strong arms: we kissed. As my desire spread and took control of my body I dropped to my knees, his hand grabbing the back of my head. My lips parted as they…..

pic0211709788_874669669279763_8317977892298708542_nGot your attention? Feeling hot under the collar? I bet we did, but PINK IN OUR LIVES just want you dilfworkout1to know about a party coming up this Sunday the 4th of October called DILF in Sydney. DILF turns the heat up at this party hosted by International porn star Jessy Ares from Men.com and International DJ Tony Moran.

409483_10150586096518324_540228323_8919161_1205864139_npic02JESSY ARES from men.com has become a sensation in the porn industry with his fashion model looks, JESSY-ARES-Gay-Porn-Star-BTS-UK-Naked-Men-1perfect physique and his ability to do it like a madman! Jessy has since become one of the most watched men in gay porn. He’s also walked the runway as a model and is currently pursuing a career in music. Jessy uses his popularity in gay porn to finance his work as a singer, and he’s done a lot of hardcore sucking and fucking. Jessy considers himself mostly a top, but he’ll bottom on camera from time to time. So don’t miss your opportunity to get a meet and grope with Jessy at DILF.

Example of Jessy Ares performing at Hustlaball London in 2013:

pic01For our aural pleasure they also welcome Tony Moran (US), 12000841_927020090711387_546307077854086325_oGrammy nominated and chart topping DJ/Producer. We’ll also add here that Tony and his body could be used as a poster boy for DILFs and as things heat up we know his gym gear will be peeling off.

10612685_915129721900424_1323916032114470405_nDILFwebsiteThe theme is : Workout/Gym – you may wear anything you are comfortable in but they encourage dressing to theme and just party hard from 10pm – 4am. EVERYBODY IS WELCOME, although DILF predominately attracts Men over 35+ but all ages are welcome. And yes they’re straight-friendly ;o) Buy your Tickets Here: https://itdevents.yapsody.com/event/index/15138/sydney-dilf-the-workout

Example of DILF Party at Mardi Gras 2013:

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