1Everybody wants to find that special someone in their life to be with. To enjoy life, to feel loved, to experience simple and amazing things together. Well I found mine exactly 5 years ago. It was love at first sight and I have never felt that way before. Sometimes you think you have found that special someone, but when you really do find that person….

16The look in his eyes, his mesmerizing smile and the butterflies in my stomach let me know that he’s Mister Right for me!!! Do you 2still have to work on your relationship? Off course, nothing comes easy and only the looks doesn’t make a relationship a success (But it will help off course LOL)

86I met my boyfriend 7 years in a bar unintentionally and although we were attracted to each other, 7we didn’t act on it. We came both out of a relationship and it felt to soon, but something kept us drawn to each other. After finally really talking to each other and finding out we had so much in common and deciding how long can you actually wait after a break-up, we hooked up and never regretted it.

54My boyfriend René moved from The Netherlands to Belgium for me. No border could hold us back and after three months we 17moved in our apartment. We have made so many new memories together like fantastic holidays in New York and Ibiza, having our sweet dog Beau with us and many parties and celebrations with friends and family. And building our new house, which should be finished in Spring 2016, is the next step in our relationship and will bring new memories.

1511Everyday feels like the first day we have met full of love and respect. Every couple have its 14ups and downs, but the way you come out of these makes your relationship stronger and more important. We still feel blessed and sometimes amazed that the love hasn’t gotten less, but much stronger with each day and moment. We are definitely made for each other.

103The beautiful part of it all and a confirmation from our love is that our friends feel this too. They keep pushing and asking us 13when we are getting married. Some get even crazy if they think “falling down on one knee and popping the question” might happen! ;o) We are grateful for the support and wish everybody could experience this, so never give up hope. Just be yourself, be happy and happiness will come to you.

918To my dear boyfriend René:
I have never felt this way. You never fail to amaze me. Every day is something new that makes me love you even more than the day before. And when I loved you, I realized I never truly loved anyone and I never will anymore. Loving you is the best decision in my life. You make me complete. You make me smile when I have no reason to. I love you now and forever. Thanks for loving me.
Without you, I am nothing,
With you, I’m something,
Together, we are everything!

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Big kiss & I LOVE U BABY,

Lesley Middleton


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