tumblr_nhy9pgURUR1qauc1to1_1280A BITE OUT OF OUR PINK WORLD www.pinkinourlives.com

tumblr_nd8ekzxW9G1qauc1to2_250Hell yeah!!! Finally a day for me where I get to be appreciated ๐Ÿ˜‰ How come I did not know that the 30th of CQUnJ0xWoAEwMvWOctober is called out for Powerbottom Appreciation Day?? Well I was not the only one according to DNA Magazine, but I am glad I have got my own day of celebration as a Powerbottom myself LOL

CQzbDCsUsAA52rctumblr_njuqizOFb41sq8hxqo1_500Power Bottom Appreciation Day has been around since the ’80s. A common early activity was the tumblr_ngmzyarE6o1qauc1to1_500meeting of small groups of men who would trade stories about the astonishing skills of certain men they had made love to jackhammer-style in the eighties.

bryan_hawn4tumblr_nnwm0mA8wj1s2rr2eo1_540One of the most sexy Powerbottoms that is known off course is Bryan Hawn. Bryan makes a lots of parodies on famous songs and is not afraid to show is big bubble butt in various ways. Just bend over and shake that ass!!! And if you canโ€™t get a Booty like that, then buy that ass for on your wall for a whole year, with his 2016 Bryan Hawn Calendar: http://www.lulu.com/shop/bryan-hawn/bryan-hawn-2016-calendar/calendar/product-22382669.html

tumblr_ncs0n3hUgp1qauc1to1_500What is or how do you become a Powerbottom? Some would consider aCSiGUp5UkAAV1n1 โ€œpower bottomโ€ a person who has a long, strong sexual drive who can endure being penetrated for extended lengths of time, while others view them as โ€œsize queensโ€. A person who generally enjoys being penetrated by a very well-endowed top. In my experience I can be both. Size does matter and is fun to work with if you can handle it. But to make a TOP enjoy you being a great bottom that is mostly the ultimate sexual fantasy. A person who can fulfill the fantasy of a topโ€™s sexual desires, needs and wants without being asked or instructed is truly a topโ€™s dream. A power bottom in my opinion is one who has experience as a bottom, is very confident and knows his self-worth.

CRmDnTdUsAALf8otumblr_ne8ffeyKUk1qauc1to1_400BUTT……a Powerbottom can’t do much without a good top as well. So put your ass up in the air and CKEGPF3UEAA-11dshow them too today that you care!!! LOL

And if the TOP feels just a bit tired tonight, you can always be a bottom and getting appreciated today ;o)

1752tumblr_mntplazpJW1rrpjqto1_500HAPPY POWERBOTTOM APPRECIATION DAY!!!

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13Big kiss,

Lesley Middleton

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