TEN James Bond moments that could make you gay? ;o)

James-Bonds-600x300With the new James Bond movie “SPECTRE” in the cinemas now and the discussion if James Bond can ever be gay in the future, it is time to put out here the TEN moments that made you gay, a lesbian or least gave you a boner or a wet Pussy Galore!!!

1) Six actors have portrayed James Bond: Sean Connerysean connery Daniela Bianchi from russia with love james bond, George Lazenbytumblr_lcexpdkhM51qbcsb2, Roger MooreRoger_Moore_at_the_sets_of_Sea_Wolves, Timothy Daltontumblr_mbkq16LsyX1r5zgoio1_500, Pierce Brosnan8993c5b691b18e9c6d674f187cd5a810 and Daniel Craigdaniel-craig-speedo. And although they are womanizers in the movies, many boys and men have satisfied about these gentlemen during their teenage years.

2) Ursula Andressb1dcc5e2fc0c358bc1b3bdebd02e9bf4 is a Swiss actress and sex symbol of the 1960s who is best known for her role as Bond girl Honey Ryder in the first James Bond film, Dr. No

She not only became the first Bikini Bond Girl, but also the ultimate Bond girl with many new girls2715614.0 to follow in her footsteps like Halle Berryhalle-berry-bikini.


3) How can you miss Cross-dressing Ernst Blofeld. There is no greater Bond villain than Ernst Stavro Blofeld. His pussy-stroking ways and pool of piranhas are the stuff of legend. But not everyone’s a fan of his campest moment of all. In “Diamonds Are Forever”, Blofeld manages an escape by wearing an old lady dress, full make up and a Dolly Parton wig. How gay can this be?

4) Torture scenes are often homo-erotic like the one in “Casino Royale”. Do you agree? (NSFW) How aroused will you be when your testicles are being whipped?

5) Opening songs for James Bond. Many movies, many artists like Duran Duran, Madonna, Sheena Easton, Adele sang the title songs. Top gay song “Goldfinger” from Shirley Bassey is the most known and you may think they couldn’t top this Bond theme classic for gay appeal. Well….Sam Smith’s Bond love song for 2015 for the movie “Spectre” delivered a gender-neutral love song from an out and very proud gay singer.

crackedbond6) Mr Wint (the short one) and Mr Kidd (the balding one) are the most over the top villainous gay couple in Bond History in the movie “Diamonds are Forever”. When Kidd suggests a female character is attractive ‘for a lady’, he gets the most withering look from Wint. These two star henchmen hold hands, finish each other’s sinister sentences and kill old women without mercy. In this scene they kill a diamond smuggling dentist with a scorpion, blow up a helicopter and then walk off into the moonlight, hand-in-hand.

7) What’s in the name? PUSSY GALORE!!! Who can’t remember foxy Honor Blackman’s entrance as Bond wakes up on Goldfinger’s private jet? Her stunning visage comes into focus, Connery asks her name and she replies: ‘My name is Pussy Galore.’ Fact: Pussy’s circus-meets-crime organization is made up entirely of lesbians and called The Cement Mixers, which is only mentioned in the James Bond novel and not in the movie. And although Pussy repeatedly rejects Bond’s advances, tries to fight him off ends up pinned under him anyway. She then changes sides, deserting Goldfinger to help Bond. Has she been ‘converted’ from lesbianism or has her natural bisexuality been revealed?


8) Ben Whishaw, who started playing Q in James Bond instalment “Skyfall”, revealed he was gay and having civil partnership with Australian

Ben Wishaw
Ben Wishaw

composer Mark Bradshaw. What would Bond be without Q and this time it is played by an openly cute Out actor. Many gay fans of the James Bond movies got now the fantasy of Q and James hooking up together and using many gadgets in the bedroom. LOL

9) The “bisexual” scene in “Skyfall“: Daniel Craig (James Bond) and Javier Bardem (who plays the villain Raoul Silva) engage in some homoeroticism in this scene. Silva has had 007 tied up and as he confronts the sexy agent, he caresses Bond’s bare chest and strokes his thighs. When Raoul suggests this is the first time James has been handled in such a way by another man, Bond replies: ‘What makes you think this is my first time?’ We got heated up like James Bond for sure ;o)


10) Craig Daniel is the last one to play James Bond till now and also the first blond 007, but when he walked out of the sea in a speedo in “Casino tumblr_inline_nxaqwefqQP1sgm97w_500Royale”, he became a very wet dream for many women and gay men all over the world. Although he said before this was his last Bond movie, let’s hope he changes his mind.

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