MR GAY WORLD 2015 KLAUS BURKART GIVES HIS TITLE AWAY #pinkbits #pinkinourlives

mr-gay-world-2015-klaus-burkartA BITE OUT OF OUR PINK WORLD


klaus-burkert-00-After just seven months, when German Klaus  Burkart was crowned in May 2015 as Mr. Gay World 2015, he pictureannounces that he’s turning in his crown and handing his deserved title to his former competitor, first runner-up Mass Luciano from HONG KONG. His reason? “Personal changes

klaus-burkart-serioIn this open Letter to his friends, fans and the global LGBTI community Klaus Burkart the winner of MR GAY WORLD 2015 tells you why this is happening.

“Dear Fans and friends of MR GAY WORLD,

When I entered the 2015 MR GAY WORLD competition in South Africa I thought that becoming MR GAY WORLD was the biggest challenge of my life. Indeed it is very challenging and exciting winning the title, but what is more challenging is living up to the expectations, responsibilities and duties that come along with it.

pictureBeing MR GAY WORLD and serving the community has filled me with pride and joy. I had the opportunity to travel to different places and meet many members and friends of the LGBTI community – their positive feedback showed me that my mission had a true meaning and that the efforts of MR GAY WORLD are relevant and important.

Facing this great experiences I’m very sad to announce that due to personal changes in my life I will no longer be able to live up to the expectations and serve the community to the extent that the title requires to do so.

This is why – with great sadness – I’m stepping down from the title MR GAY WORLD 2015 and making path to a trailblazer, my fellow competitor and first runner up Emmanuel Mass Luciano, Mr Gay Hong Kong. I know he will be a great representative for our community, who will put all his heart and passion into his reign. Please welcome MR GAY WORLD 2015 – Mass Luciano.

Yours , Klaus Burkart”.

Klaus followed up that letter with a statement on Facebook a few hours later in which he thanked everyone for their support, but didn’t explain the mysterious “personal changes” in his life.

11156115_10153239219173011_147007831532438429_nMASS-Luciano_1-326x406Mass Luciano, official first runner up of MR GAY WORLD 2015, took over the title after Klaus Burkart resigned Hong-Kong_Emmanuel_Mass-Luciano_08on November 17th 2015. Watch his introduction video and get to know the new MR GAY WORLD 2015! He is also the first Asian guy that wins this title.


Too bad for Klaus but CONGRATULATIONS to Mass Luciano Hong-Kong_Emmanuel_Mass-Luciano_04and we will see each other in Malta for Mister Gay World 2016!!!

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klausBig kiss,

Lesley Middleton

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