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tumblr_nat68pdEqc1qzk49co1_500k2_brother_get_first_TV_gigFitness twins, Alex and Charlie Kotze are South Africa’s hottest models and they are a pair tumblr_nqicynDyEe1tmnfjko8_1280that will make you melt!!! Beautiful eyes, gorgeous face and a masculine bodies too die for.

tumblr_ntow9xFjRf1u0rod8o1_540tumblr_nswl7stSq91u0a1f1o5_540They call themselves the K2 Brothers derived from their surname and, that they’re twins! “As simple as that. Our tumblr_nowk6aw8MG1t5qywro2_500surname is Kotze, so we figured; let’s just make it K-2! We are farm boys working with our dad on our family farm outside the small town of Vredendal.We studied agriculture but have always liked the outdoors, being adventurous and being busy. Although we were heavy party guys we decided to give the challenge of becoming fitness models a go. We stopped the booze, and started a strict training regime & eating plan.”

tumblr_nvl53kgu9r1s3mopko4_1280Charlie and Alex were tumblr_nu4io1Jrwd1u0rod8o1_540approached by TV producer Johan Stephan in December of 2013 while they were vacationing in the beach village of Strandfontein. They then decided to launch their social media platforms collectively. The twins have taken fashion runways by storm after the farming twins were discovered by an agent on a beach vacation and you can see why with their good physiques and looks. They are born on the 17th of December 1991 in South Africa.

6a00e54fb7301c883401b8d06fb153970cThe Vredendal farm boys turned models and fitness stars will become the new presenters of the revived kykNET show “Oulap se Rooi” which and the viewers can enter to have the handsome twosome give their homes a good do-over. The K2 Twins, who also have their own YouTube channel, get two days to give a chosen room in someone house’s a makeover on a limited budget. tumblr_nvl5e1xfIs1s3mopko3_400The twins who love the outdoors, active lifestyles, sports and going on camping and hunting trips with their friends love DIY. “Do It Yourself is a natural part of farm work so what I’ll be doing in “Oulap se Rooi” isn’t strange to me,” says Alex Kotze. “I enjoy lending a hand and fixing things. Farm work requires physical work and helps to keep one’s body and muscles strong”.

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