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photoCute Björn Rosier brings you into the right mood for the holidays.

A dark winter night. Outside the wind is howling but inside it is cozy and warm. The fireplace crackles and the candles are lit. A comfy chair, a glass of wine and there is music playing – not just any music, this is the new album by Björn Rosier. This album is full of timeless pop-classics that have been stripped bare. The rich melodies are sung by a warm, effortless voice whilst being accompanied by new and beautiful piano arrangements.

11855668_877327642303429_5737467072554876990_nThe time when Björn Rosier sung catchy pop tunes with the group ‘Boysband‘ in Belgium is long behind him. The ’90s boy band was an education and a springboard to the future. There is more to Björn. After his ‘Boysband’ period he starred in a number of international musical productions including ‘Mamma Mia‘, ‘Hairspray‘, ‘Saturday Night Fever‘, ‘Oh What a Night‘ and ‘We Will Rock You‘ to name just a few.

10620261_716941921675336_8321668303270075696_oPlaying in these productions gave him the chance to mature vocally and become a more experienced performer. A twist 11838546_930634476975370_364107121708780814_oof fate led him to work with composer and pianist Stephen Michael and to create original cabaret productions. They began to re-imagine well known pop classics by downsizing them to simple voice and acoustic piano.

The result is amazing. With minimalist accompaniment Björn and Stephen have managed to make the songs sound even bigger. The duo have produced a collection of songs for an album simply titled ‘Björn Rosier’.

1094464_556531781049685_1678403813_oThe song ‘Blessed‘ is currently the album’s most downloaded song in the UK. The beautiful duet ‘Someone‘ (with musical theatre star Ria Jones), is also a highlight. Jones is a well-known name in West End theatre having starred in productions of ‘Evita’ ‘Les Miserables’, ‘Cats’ and ‘Sunset Boulevard’ and is also a personal friend of Björn. The duet scores very well in The Netherlands, whereas ‘It Must Have Been Love’ is the album’s most downloaded track in Belgium. Björn’s version of ‘Better the Devil You Know’ is doing remarkably well in Sweden. And so it goes on……

Are you curious how ‘It Must Have Been Love‘ by Roxette, ‘Better the Devil You Know‘ by Kylie Minogue, ‘How Deep Is Your Love‘ by The Bee Gees and ‘You To Me Are Everything’ by The Real Thing sound in brand new stripped back acoustic versions with the added bonus of being sung by one of the warmest voices of Flanders? Download the album by Björn Rosier today. Pink In Our Lives
will have an interview with him this Friday, so if you want something to know, send us your questions to info@pinkinourlives


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