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slide06From the 17th till the 21st of February there was another edition of Leather Pride Antwerp with many activities and parties. Pink In Our Lives will show you some stuff that happened and gives you a taste why you definitely have to be there next year!!! Leather Pride isn’t only for people with a leatherfetish, but it has everything for everybody who has a fetish like rubber, dogplay, sportswear, bondage and much more. This Leather Pride is always well organized and an experience not to miss!!! It is well-known and acclaimed internationally and people all over the world come to Antwerp especially for this.

IMG_287712764723_880541508734703_3481170440696471040_oOrganizers MSC BELGIUM organize meetings for men showing interest in motorcycles and bikermen. Their organization pursues three goals:
1) Strengthening of the gay fetish scene
2) Public visibility to reduce prejudice
3) Support of sexual health associations and organizations
They stand for and also represent:
1) Health, safe sex, sanity
2) The right to live your live as a fetish man
3) A community open to all

Pieter Claeys
Pieter Claeys and Arnaud Houesnard

During the Leatherpride Belgium The X-Awards were awarded. These awards are for foundations, businesses and persons who contribute to the fetish scène!!! Arnaud Houesnard (Mr. Leather Europe 2014) and Pieter Claeys (Mr. Leather Europe 2009, LeatherHistory.eu) gave the prizes away Sunday to the winners on stage at Darklands.

the_x-awardsTHE WINNERS ARE:
Event Of The Year: folsom europeFolsom Europe
Business Of The Year: Recon
Stud Of The Year: yanirYanir Belasem (Mr. Leather Israel 2015)
Rear Of The Year: Twinkle Tush
Dj Of The Year: jack_chang_0Jack Chang
Club Of The Year: LeatherWest
Man Of The Year: john obrienJohn O’Brien (For his input for getting LGBT couples to marry in Ireland)
Lifetime Achievement Award: Wim Bos mr b(Owner Mr. B, a fetish company that supports the Fetish Community and several good causes)

puppy-1puppy-9On Saturday at Darklands, the indoor festival of Leatherpride Belgium, Bjoyd won the title of Mr. Puppy Europe puppy-32016. Puppy play is een stage of role play, where somebody dresses up, behaves and be treated like a dog.
Leatherpride Belgium did everything to make the puppies happy and gave them a dog cage, a play area with bowls of food and water and a big box of balls to play in. They called it the ‘K9 Camp’. K9, pronounced ‘canine’, stands for doggie like. Each year this type of fetish/role play gets more attention and this year Bjoyd won the election. He was definitely one happy dog wagging his tail!!!

LP16_darklands_postermeltdownOff course people came to party too and with great parties like Meltdown, Crash and the Main Party Rage the crowdcrash had a great time. Deejays like Spencer Reed, Asaf Dolev, Jericho and Cyril G. cyril Gkept the guys sweating, dancing and much more. With play areas, dark rooms and many performances by Ken Taylor, Riley Tess and Ale Tedesco it was a hot long weekend.

rageOfficial movie of the Leather Pride 2016:

img_6563img_6611Another big event was choosing Mister Leather Belgium 2016 out of five candidates.
The jury with Patrick Smith, (International Mr. Leather 2015), Kevin Murphy (First runner-up IML 2015), Thorsten Buhl (Mr. Leather Europe 2015), Taco D. Smit (photographer), Aurore Salem (Fetishproject), Wouter Popelier (North America Drummerboy 2015) and Ives Blondeel (Mr. Leather Belgium 2015) and the public choose big George from Antwerp as the winner of Mister Leather Belgium 2016. All the presentation was in the hands of Destynee Williams. She immediately requested that George took off his shirt, when he got the ribbon from an emotional Ives Blondeel. The crowd enjoyed that special moment.

img_6586George, the new mister, asks especially attention during his year for “the dark numbers” with homophobic violence. Facts that are not mentioned with the police and never will see the light of day with statistics. Working for the police he knows what he is talking about. He even suggested an innovative proposition from abroad that will help to increase the number of registrations of this kind of violence. A third person can on behalf of the victim, that wants to stay anonymous, report an homophobic incident. George is automatically elected by this win to participate at the International Mister Leather. Later on he can also compete for Mister Leather Europe.

slide01Pink In our Lives wishes all the winners congratulations and most of all to the organization for doing a great job with this Leather Pride and looking forward to next year!!! Keep updated for more at their website: www.leatherpride.be

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