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rupaulweb_custom-baac044c30a03063319549c81db0ad128a66694c-s6-c30A new season of Rupaul’s Drag Race means also a new battle of the seasons and they started of their European tour yesterday in Antwerp/Belgium. Rupaul has send her bestie Michelle and some of her Queens overseas to show themselves to Europe in 25 days in TEN different countries from Belgium to Spain.

Last year we saw the show in Amsterdam, but this time we got to see it in our hometown Antwerp first. An almost jakesold out theatre (1400 seats) was filled with many fans of the show and some of them tried to bring their own best drag versions to the event. This time the show took two-and-a-half hours and the girls even have this time to bring a group choreo on stage. It was their first show of the complete tour and it wasnโ€™t even been performed in the US yet, so there were nerves and they were still trying to figure everything out. But they all give their best to entertain us.

ba9870d7-9163-81ba-5496-168e66766316IMG_6150When you come to see this show you have to watch a least one or two full seasons of Rupaul’s Drag Race, because it isn’t just a Dragqueen show they bring on stage. They do their characters from the show, most of them sing live and their own recorded songs. You have to know these characters from television or you miss out on a lot or don’t understand what is all about. American Drag is also much different then European Drag, more rock style and not only glitter and glamour. Especially this show, it’s not a typical Drag Show. And you have to have seen the TV show to get the humor. Who has watched every episode of every season, it’s a feast of recognition…And that’s what this show is all about.

IMG_6161There are new drag race stars this year in comparison to last year’s European tour like season seven winner Violet Chachki, Katya and Pandora Boxx, but also previous favorites like Sharon Needles, Courtney Act, Jinkx Monsoon and Adore Delano are here to entertain us. Adore replaced Willam Belli, who got kicked off the tour. And off course Ru’s best friend and sidekick Michelle Visage hosted the show.

IMG_6125Adore played the rebellion and rock party bitch the crowd loves, but still sweet and funny backstage too.

Sharon Needles delivered her scary and amazing self in the show, but she is a great comedian too! FullSizeRenderWe loved her at “Snatch Game“.
Season seven winner Violet Chachki showed her great body in amazing outfits like her burlesque performance, 03but showed another side of her involving a big ring in the air. (Come to the show to see!)
Jinx Monsoon had funny and theatrical songs and was one of the best performers of the evening.IMG_6168
Courtney Act didn’t just rely on that gorgeous body, IMG_6134but gave a great Justin Bieber medley and her uptempo song “Kaleidoscope” of the Mardi Gras Festival.

12841284_10153689066947909_6875439739496933113_oPandora Boxx gave us her funny side on stage and was a hilarious Hillary Clinton at “Snatch Game“.IMG_6137
01The same as for Katya who stayed true to her Russian roots during the show and was IMG_6146backstage just as funny and pleasant as on stage.

Michelle Visage talked the show together and explained also why she supports our community and why she loves all the dragqueens of all the seasons and can’t pick a favorite besides Mama Rupaul. 02She also sang a few numbers and damn she can still sing anything! A gorgeous REAL woman with fake tits she pointed out, but with her heart on the right place.

Check out the website of the tour schedule and if you get the chance, buy tickets and go see it.

IMG_6167Pink In Our Lives got a chance to hang out with the girls backstage and onstage and want to thank them for a great evening and maybe see you all again in Amsterdam.

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