Tackling Homophobia Belgium 1


51106_mediumThe Belgian Rugby Federation (FBRB) has today become the first federation in Europe to sign an anti-homophobia agreement with International Gay Rugby and Straffe Ketten RFC, Belgium’s only inclusive rugby team.

It follows similar agreements signed by World Rugby, USA Rugby and the Australian Rugby Federation. In the text, the FBRB formally outlines its intolerance of homophobia and pledges to work together with Straffe Ketten to combat discrimination and continue the promotion of equality and inclusivity in the game.


The Memorandum of Understanding which enters into force today comes one year after the Union Cup – the European Gay Rugby Championships – were held in Brussels with over 24 teams from 12 different countries coming to compete. To mark the singing of the agreement Straffe Ketten RFC have invited all of the rugby teams in Belgium to join them tomorrow at where they will be marching alongside Michel Coric, the President of the FBRB.

President of the FBRB, Michel Coric, said: ” By nature, rugby should be open to everyone. It is a shame that discrimination still exists in sport but here in rugby we are reaffirming our openness, and reaffirming it loudly!


We’re proud to have the Straffe Ketten playing in the Belgian Rugby Federation, we’re proud to have gay people playing rugby in Belgium and we will continue to 5726033312_51f86963aa_bfight against any kind of discrimination. Playing rugby makes better people and I hope that more people from all walks of life will continue to discover the joys of the game “


Straffe Ketten RFC was founded in 2010 and is currently the only member of International Gay Rugby in Belgium. The team began as a social group for gay men practicing in the park but is now a full member of the FBRB and reached the semi-finals of the Wallonia Regional III league this year. Straffe Ketten remains active in the LGBTI community and aims to provide a space for everyone to feel comfortable playing rugby regardless of sexual orientation, religion, culture, ethnic origin, social background or level of rugby.

StraffeKetten_001-1170x780Miguel Gallardo, President of Straffe Ketten RFC said: “Rugby has always been a sport of exceptional tolerance and respect. This agreement is testament to the overwhelmingly positive reaction that we have had in the Belgian rugby community since the team began. We hope that it will help continue the promotion of non-discrimination in rugby as well as acting as an example of good practice to other sports where sadly homophobia and other discrimination is much more commonplace.”

Tackling Homophobia Belgium 2

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