12764597_10153385451173193_6708029288403436498_oabdellahA new year, a new name!!! It is time again as we showed you in February for a new edition of Mister IMG_3915Gay Belgium (formerly known as Mister Gay Flanders). The twelve contestants for 2016 are known for the public and are looking forward to take over the reign of mister Gay Flanders 2015 Skelte Willems. They have their own message to bring out to the world and show why they should be named as Mister Gay Belgium 2016 at the 28th of May in Antwerp. Time for PINK IN OUR LIVES to put all candidates separately in the spotlight and give a taste of who they are. The eleventh and final candidate is Abdellah Bijat.

12711192_1727041084198234_4006014158983978495_oAbdellah Bijat is 22 years old and is living in Gent. He did his coming out in 2013 and his project is about “the LGBT community within different cultures”.

12806048_518746948297232_3789391853673492441_nWAS YOUR COMING OUT EASIER OR MORE DIFFICULT THAN EXPECTED AND WHY?

“My coming out didn’t went easy. Especially in my family is being gay not accepted and I got banished from home. However I look at this in a positive way to move further in my life in a way as I see it.”

12671655_513863595452234_1689285163839239592_omark-and-ethan-2WHO IS YOUR BIG IDOL/SEX SYMBOL OR GREAT EXAMPLE AND WHY?

“Mark Miller and Ethan Hethcote When I saw their youtube channel I got inspired by the way they live their normal gay lives, being so positive about it and sharing it with the whole world. I found out about them, when I had difficulties with my own coming out. I see everything more positive in life, because of them and thought I wanna share this too with all my friends. First through Facebook and now also with twitter and instagram.”

12994383_1752521011650241_5380054919533067349_nIMG_4281WHY IS YOUR THEME/PROBLEM SO IMPORTANT?

“I feel my theme is very important, because lots of young people in the Islam culture can’t be themselves. Everybody has the right to be themselves and live a happy life. Because the youth can’t be themselves in many different cultures, they are living a double life and I don’t think this should be happening at this time.”

12805716_516046338567293_1982081219422179489_n13266029_1765141837054825_9021644237829591050_nWHAT IS YOUR BEST AND WORST QUALITY?

“My best quality is that I think I am very social and giving everybody the chance to get to know me. ”.

“My worst quality is I can be very choosy/picky”.

12376437_1713818315520511_2274720981100823210_n13139156_1758935311008811_1796610306190657310_nTELL US A SECRET ABOUT YOURSELF THAT NOT MANY PEOPLE KNOW ABOUT YOU?

“Sometimes when I am bored at home, I take spontaneously my mic and perform in front of the mirror like I have a big audience in front of me :o)”.

12063501_1695526887349654_2652018124887629071_n10689494_1596602737242070_4831235442339870617_nWHAT WILL YOUR FUTURE LOOK LIKE IN TEN YEARS?12321322_516046598567267_8126169152384515844_n

“Ten years later I hope to have a beautiful family. One of my dreams is that I also have two children and at least one biological child of my own. Also I see in my future to be an independent worker and to succeed with helping as many other people.”



DATING-APPS: “Not really necessary, you will meet more interesting and fun people in real-life.”

SEXIEST HUNK: tom-daley-17“Tom Daley”


IMG_4253PINK IN OUR LIVES: “Sexy men”

LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT:Possible, but rarely happens I think”


MISTER GAY BELGIUM: “Everybody has the chance to became a Mister Gay Belgium 2016 of the candidates. So Saturday on the 28th of May we will know more.”

Thank you for your answers Abdellah and for letting my readers and your voters getting to know you better. You can vote for him through this link with OutTv: https://www.facebook.com/OUTTVBE/app/129570913824547?app_data=39382


May the best GAY win!!! Thank you also photographers Johan Vos, Marc Drofmans, Kevin Wuyts, Emmanuel Deprijckere, Ivo Gautier, René Emmerink and Johan Cansse for the great pictures of all the candidates and www.welovemisses.be for the video.

12376612_1704223726479970_3500660570663286241_nIMG_5825See more at www.mrgaybelgium.be and please follow us for more about the contestants at Facebook, Youtube, Instagram , Twitter or Tumblr

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