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13418891_10154186248394174_7102223918658619283_nIMG_4916A big tragedy has happened in Orlando. A terrible act of mass shooting in the gay club Pulse in Orlando, IMG_4911where more than 50 people got killed and even more wounded. Pink In Our Lives is supposed to be about the happy things in our LGBT life, but it is too terrible and unbelievable that this could happen. We have no words for it and like many people on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook we want to express our love and prayers for all the families, friends and people in Orlando.

IMG_4914IMG_4904We have to fight against this and make sure that this will not happen again or anywhere else in the world. IMG_4921We have to stand strong and we are proud to see that so many people come to Orlando to help and donate blood.

IMG_4918IMG_4917The ultimate irony is that it’s ILLEGAL for Gay people to donate blood in America, so they can’t help their own IMG_4912who were attacked in Orlando. Hopefully this will change in the future!?!

IMG_4915IMG_4920Pink In Our Lives is all about love in any way, no matter your gender, religion, sexual preference or where you come from. It can happen to all of us and to show how strong we all are together here are the many tweets and pictures of the world responding against this act of violence!!!

TheΒ  Tony Awards that was held Sunday evening have even dedicated to victims of the Orlando massacre,Β  a special created ribbon!!!

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IMG_4925Show your support and stand up against these hate crimes and make LOVE not war!!!

Big kiss,

Lesley Middleton and RenΓ© Emmerink

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