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tim-hofman-en-jan-versteegh-cover-lhomoToday came out in Holland the Dutch annual Magazine for gays and their friends L’Homo. This is the gay version of the popular magazine “Linda Magazine” of the hands of personality queen Linda De Mol. A well-known presenter and actress in The Netherlands and abroad. This year was already the eight edition and in stores right now.

ad_211261826data2267766Every year they try to do something special for the cover and this year they went for it to Curacao with

ad_211261820photographer Marc de Groot. Is that special you think? NOOOO,  it isn’t, but the two male straight presenters of television network BNN Tim Hofman and Jan Versteegh being BUTT-naked is. Jan Versteegh always wanted to do a shoot for this magazine, even though he is straight, because they make very beautiful photospreads and he would be very honoured. Well now he got the chance and to do it with fellow co-worker Tim.

woendag-500-1The guys had to go nude, pose and even kiss each other. It wasn’t their first time they kissed a man, but during the shoot they even remembered they had even kissed each other for fun at the GayPride in Amsterdam before.

740-542-crop-TimHofman620454White beaches, blue sea and mostly genitals and the buttocks of Jan Versteegh”, tells Tim about the Lhomo_Tim_en_Janshoot. ”I wouldn’t want to do it with anybody else than Jan. It is a very intimate shoot. You see each other naked and touch each other bodies. Plus he kisses like a girl, so soft and with open lips”.


jan51I really worked out for these pictures”, says Jan. jan versteeghNormally I don’t look like this. I have more belly before than on the pictures now. I hope with these daring pictures that we bring up the discussion again about homosexuality. You have to have at least an opinion about it, whether you like it or not, or finding it hot, sexy or offensive. I just hope to show that it is just two men in a picture, that’s it”.

Backstage at the shoot: Very NSFW!!!

IMG_6333-576x1024Besides these cuties there is more to read and look at in this magazine with the hot topic “ASS”. You can read about the men Cl938KZWgAEQkqEthat look gay and you think they are, but have a wife and three kids at home. Indulge at the seven BUTTS shot by photographer Erwin Olaf and how about mum and dad are happy that all sons are gay. L’Homo also has whatsapp this year where you get a cute butt 3 times a week and lots of gaynews. You just add the following phone number: 00316-82989070 and send L’HOMO IN and get entertained three times a week. Is this ASS-tastic news or what? ;p

IMG_6346-576x1024We are gonna buy this edition for sure and look forward to explore the magazine from front to rear, uuuuhmmm I mean back LOL!!!

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