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The 10th Mr Gay Europe finale takes place in the Scandinavian countries Norway and Sweden, and the main theme is as it has been since 2005; Unity through Diversity. This year the competition also takes a new turn with extra focus on environmental issues, self-development and networking.

13924825_1335804773113734_2857142934000072552_n13895365_10154708616535348_3967841997682956157_nβ€œAttributes over abs” is what they at Mister Gay Europe believe in and want that to put more focus on, so that the LGBTI 13876182_1335804833113728_1813732792202906025_nYouth community can and will identify with these days. They are looking for an ambassador that will connect with our entire LGBTI European Community and someone who will connect with and inspire our European youth. Openly out dancer Stuart Hutton Jr. came on board as their new Managing Director which has brought new and fresh ideas to the table. At the same time he has a lot of experience with this kind of events as he has participated in Mr Gay UK, Mr Gay Europe and Mr Gay World.

13907191_1335804686447076_8182370380195230918_nstockholmprideWThe 10th Mr Gay Europe kicks off in Stockholm, Sweden where all the ten delegates arrive in the 13741423_1202377786486409_1404267782_nmorning on Friday 29 July. The delegates are invited to be a part of Stockholm Pride, to meet and greet proud gay men and women from all over Sweden and rest of Europe. Sunday the delegates start their journey through northern Scandinavia with impressive mountain areas, midnight sun and even wildlife safari and will end in Norway for the Grand Finale on Friday 5 August with a special TV-show broadcast from the literary top of Norway. The quest for Mr Gay Europe is to find a spokesperson and a role-model for young gay males throughout Europe; not based solely on his looks, but on his communication skills and knowledge. The guys will have time to have fun, to relax and to get to know each other while competing in different challenges along the way.

13876134_1335187726508772_1959022098985136910_nWhich of these candidates do you think will win the title and can be named Mister Gay Europe 2016?

2016BelgiumBELGIUM: Raf Van Puymbroeck (21)13403891_10209134151007750_6160012932466702477_o

2016BulgariaBULGARIA: Dimitar Dimitrov (33)dimitar

2016CzechRepCZECH REPUBLIC: Ladislav Agh (28)ladislav agh

2016DenmarkDENMARK: Danni Arndt Sigen (29)danni sigen

2016EnglandENGLAND: Joni Valadares (28)joni

Picture: Miki BarlokIRELAND: Konrad Im (27)13495572_10154093555110339_4097392952029140286_o

2016PolandPOLAND: Andrzej Berg (27)andrzej berg

2016SlovakRepSLOVAK REPUBLIC: Marek Gajdos (25)marek

2016SpainSPAIN: Sergio Diaz Rullo Brasero (26)spain

2016WalesWALES: Paul Davies (32)paul davies

We wish all the candidiates good luck and mostly to have fun in this period and may the best Gay spokesperson for out community win!!! Visit http://www.mrgayeurope.com/ or our website for updates and pictures.

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