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Dutch free-lance hairdresser Sjaak Ridder, who was cutting hair at Gay Pride Amsterdam for a good cause, got a day later a victim of anti-gay violence!
Now he became a good cause himself to save his business and not to claim bankruptcy.

At the first of september, a month after his jaws got broken by brutal force of a stranger, he wants to get back to work at home. “Whocares” asks everybody to let their hair cut by Sjaak so that this cute hairdresser doesn’t go bankrupt.

Sjaak went out with a friend and after 4 AM they walked home. A man around thirty years old shouted GAY to him and beat him up severely and broke both his jaws. Sjaak had just the day before been cutting hair at GayPride and donated the proceeds to organization Maruf, who looks out for LGBT-muslims.

What a hero and he keeps ongoing. Even from the hospital Sjaak doesn’t give up and tweeted that he was surprised this happened but he keeps going on. Love always wins!!!

Because he is in the hospital and the thug not only hurted him, but also stole his work phone, is Sjaak not able to work but also schedule his hair appointments for the future. On top of it all he didn’t have insurance for this situation.

In the meantime he is recovering at his mother’s house and hopes to get back to work soon. “Whocares” asks everybody around Amsterdam, but people who like further if they want to help are welcome, to make an appoinment to cut your hair with this sweet hairdresser after the 1st of September and to make sure he can survive and to keep doing what he likes to do.

Sjaak’s heart is filled with warmth with this iniative and the money that will be raised is for a new workphone and the basic needs, but the rest will go to foundation Maruf.

PINK IN OUR LIVES wishes handsome Sjaak all the best and knowing Amsterdam and the generosity of Dutch people he will definitely survive. And if we are in the neighbourhood we definitely make an appointment with him to cut our hair.

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Big kiss,

Lesley Middleton

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