FEEL PRIDE WITH “F!ERce”!!! #PinkInOurLives #StoneWall

Last Thursday we got invited to see the great premiere of the Belgian Play “F!ERce” in Theater “M” in Mechelen. The play was about the chaos amidst the Stone Wall Riots in New York in 1969.

Only three actors played the roles in the play on stage that was written by Sam De Vos and directed by Lieven DeBrauwer. (Known from his movies “Pauline and Paulette” and “Confituur”)

We loved the play and felt how the people during that time 50 years ago, have fought for the rights we have achieved today. And still we are not there yet, we still have to stand strong 💪, built our fists and shout “Gay Is Good”!

That is why we still have the annual Prides all over the world 🌎, to remember these riots and that we can only be strong together.

The play had lots of humor, anger, emotions and if you ever did a coming out or feels the need to, you could relate with the characters in this play F!ERce!!!

The actors playing the roles are Pieter van Keymeulen as David, Johan Kamifa Bals plays Jonathan and Yves De Lathauwer portrays Fiora.


New York, 27th of June 1969. Jonathan, a shy Afro-American guy was kicked out on the street by his parents when they discovered he liked men.

He finds shelter with David, an older yuppie who hides himself “in the closet” and advises Jonathan to do the same. But he didn’t counted on Fiora laRitz. A legendary foul-mouthed dragqueen, who knows David better than he wants to admit., drags Jonathan to the Stonewall Inn. A well-known gay bar where regularly police drops in to cuff up the clientele. “But NOT tonight, honey”!

Fiora and Jonathan got involved in a nightly riot against the abuse of the police force, against the wishes of David. And when Fiora find out that David keeps a big secret all hell breaks loose.

I think the generations of NOW should come and watch this play In Mechelen or Antwerp to get the meaning of Pride and to feel proud of who they are. Learning to accept others, especially the ones that are different than you, no matter what race, religion, gender or sexuality.


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