Congratulations winner Canada Dragrace 2020 🇨🇦 #PinkInOurLives #DragRace

Last night the winner of the first DragRace Canada series has been selected. Spoiler alert!!!

The final three were Priyanka, Scarlet Bobo and Rita Baga

They had to do a version if Rupaul’s song “U wear it well” (A Queen Of The North Ru-mix)

The winner of the night got besides the crown 👑 also 100.000 dollar and a year long free nights in Hilton Hotels.

And the winner is……Priyanka!!! #CONGRATULATIONS

Priyanka had been in the bottom a two times in the vhallenges, where she supposed to be good at: “improvisation“. But she picked her self up to the top three with a sparkling personality and a drive to get the top.

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