Rugby Star Levi Davis Came Out at Bisexual #PinkInOurLives

Levi Davis, 22, who competed also on Celebrity X-Factor with his all-rugby boy band Try Star came out publicly as bisexual.

Rugby star Levi has made his sexuality public after his “sense of shame at not being normal” led him to drink and mental health issues.

Davis explains: “I had hidden it well but I couldn’t keep it secret any longer. I had to tell them, all of them, not just a few. I didn’t want it to turn into Chinese whispers. So, on the spur of the moment, I put it on our WhatsApp group.”

“I want to be open and honest with you boys, as friends and team-mates. I’m bisexual. It’s something I have known since I was 18.”

He then joked with his pals: “none of you lot are on my radar… so it’s OK.”

According to Davis, the club, who had often been there for him through his mental health battles, “responded amazingly.” His teammates couldn’t have reacted any better. “They began talking the piss in a good-natured way, which I was relieved about. If they had been too tender-hearted, I would have been worried. I’m still a rugby player, after all!”

He had struggled to identify with himself. “I realize, though, that I am a bit niche and difficult to categorize: a black, bisexual, privately educated rugby professional. Even black people who hear me on the phone sometimes say,You don’t sound black, you sound white.’”

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