DragRace Holland Meets Antwerp #PinkInOurLives

This Friday we will know who is the Drag Race Superstar of Holland out of the four finalists. And hopefully they can tour after this Covid-19 Period, because beside gracing our tv screens with their presence, the gurls know how to entertain a crowd on stage as well.

In October the city of Antwerp in Belgium got the chance to see 8 out of 10 Queens on stage. Dragrace star Sederginne, who originally is from Belgium, invited the queens to perform in Antwerp in a Corona proof environment.

In the Fakkeltheater they each did two numbers, the opening and finale and showed the audience that they all get along and enjoy meeting their fans. They did two nights, because with all the Covid-19 measurements they were not allowed to fill up the whole theater. But if they were allowed they still need two nights to please their fans. It was the first time of a production like this with almost all of the gurls present and they arranged it all in two weeks.

Pink In Our Lives came the second night and Sederginne hosted the show. Only Mama Queen and Roem could not join the girls. Mama Queen was in Spain and Roem made a hilarious video for this show, which became one of the highlights of the evening. Even host Fred Van Leer had sent a video in for all the fans.

The Queens did a catwalk in the beginning to introduce themselves and afterwards they each performed two numbers.

Miss Patty Pam Pam showed how good she is with lipsyncing and making her own costumes.

Chelseaboy surprised us with performing her numbers with live singing.

Abby OMG showed again that she has a killer body and is the lipsync assassin of this season.

Madame Madness showed that gender is no issue and that you can be feminine with a beard and chest hair.

Sederginne brought her comedy style to the show within her acts, but also through hosting the show and connecting with the audience.

Janey Jacke’s numbers and especially her version of β€œBe Italian” wowed the crowd with her sensuality and finesse.

Envy Peru looked gorgeous in each act and showed that she can steal the show with performing on stage with only a mic 🎀 in her hand, but also with sensuality and feathers and a wig reveal.

Megan Schoonbrood showed that she is a real Dutch queen on wooden shoes, but also can be a glamour girl.

It was a great entertaining evening with after the show the VIPS could take a picture with each queen at a safe distance and facemasks 😷 and getting autographed pictures of them all. For us it was great seeing most of the queens again, because many of them we know for years and we wish all of them the best of luck in their careers.

But who will be crowned this upcoming Friday? Are you #TeamJaneyJacke, #TeamMamaQueen, #TeamAbbyOMG or #TeamEnvyPeru?

Let us know who you think and may the best woman…WIN!!!

Thank you Karin Vermeiren for the great pictures made for Pink In Our Lives.

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