Funny P. diddy in Underwear goes viral #pinkinourlives

The popular clip was posted to his various social channels and features Diddy “practicing” his dive. His dive ends up being more of an awkward jump and the entire thing becomes one giant, epic fail. But hey, it’s funny to watch and we get to see Diddy stand around in a pair of Calvin Klein briefs, so we’re not complaining!

Want to get a look of Diddy’s bulge? Check out here how the music icon is giving his fans a quick glimpse at the outline of his package in a viral video that’s honestly fucking hilarious.

The video has been viewed over four million times on Twitter and TikTok and has gained over 175,000 likes on Instagram since it was posted. So it’s either people just really think this video is funny or everyone keeps re-watching in hopes of getting a better view of his package. (It’s probably that people just think it’s funny, but we like to pretend everyone is perverted as us!)

Would you bang Diddy? Are you impressed with that quick glimpse we got of his bulge? Sound off down in the comments.

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