Teacher and Model Pietro Boselli shows finally a bit of his junk! #PinkInOurLives

Pietro Boselli became an instant hottie, when a student shared a picture of their math teacher. After that he started modelling and showing his great physique to the whole world.

He was already not shy to showing his amazing butt, but now Yummy Zine showed a bit more of his front side. And not only that, they put it on their cover. The model gives eager fans a peak at his goods. 😋❤️🏳️‍🌈🙈🍆

At another snap you can also see hunky Boselli hosing himself down!

The pictures for the magazine were shot by Giampaolo Sgura

Pietro Boselli is enjoying quite the ride since being named the world’s sexiest math’s teacher. He already stripped down on a number of occasions, like in his shoot with Flaunt magazine, where he posed in his birthday suit, while manspreading, with only his underwear in hand to cover his modesty.

But the show-stealing shots were those of Pietro’s pecker poking through his wet white briefs. Or in V-magazine where he showed his fine ass. 🍑

 But he never got to show his peen on a cover magazine. Till now….

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