Wanna Party? Sweetie Darling party tomorrow tonight!!! #pinkinourlives

Friday, March 12, you can enjoy a five-hour interactive live show by Sweetie Darling on the online platform Semifest. From 7 pm, hosts Darling Peter and Envy Peru (winner Drag Race Holland) will take you on a full-length queer program. You can watch for free via http://www.semifest.live from 7 pm CET to midnight.

Full line up:

  • Celebrate Tina Turner by Berget Lewis & band.
  • Work out with co-hosts Andrew Sylveste & Jeroen Kerkhof.
  • April Darby & Jordan Roy sing Eurovision songs.
  • New talent Aelia Sapph will perform
  • Drag make overs with Miss Cartier, Rosee-Shenee Plastique & The Kameleon.
  • Cooking with Tante Door & assistant April Summer drops the Bingo balls in the kitchen.
  • Queer talks with GJ Kooijman (Eurovision Dingadong Podcast), Rocher Koendjbiharie (LGBTQ + politics) and Tofik Dibi (Slut Shaming).
  • Darling Peter will close with a DJ set.

Especially in this day and age it is important to connect and since that is not possible in real life, they do this online! That is why there is also the possibility to join the party via the Zoom party and be part of the show.

Watch, play, sing & dance for free from 7 pm to midnight via www.semifest.live.

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