Ballroom Legend Boogie Revlon Makaveli Reportedly Killed at 36 #RIP #GailyNews

The ballroom community is mourning as news spreads surrounding the death of Legendary Boogie Revlon Makaveli.

Word first broke late last week on social media and has been circulating for hours with many posting tributes. The performer was the founder of the House of Makaveli and was deemed legendary previously while he was in the House of Revlon.

In the time of his career he helped to shape the realness with a twist category β€” within this category, men who appear to be masculine-leaning straight men “twist,” and vogue affecting a feminine persona. At the Heritage Ball in New York City in 2019, Jack Mizrahi Gucci, an icon within the community, called Boogie to stage for legends, statements, and stars. In his introduction, he said that Boogie should be deemed an icon, one of the most lauded titles within the community, because of the impact he has had on the category of realness with a twist.

According to a report from WNCT, Boogie’s body was found in a vehicle crash on Thursday just after 1 p.m. He was pronounced dead at the scene and “it was determined he had been shot more than once.” Boogie was 36 years old and the suspect, Jimmie Early Speight Jr, has been arrested and charged with first-degree murder and shooting into an occupied vehicle in connection with the killing.

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