Famous Twins Celebrate #Humpday With New Booty Pics!!! #GailyNews

We know that many of you perverts consider every single day of the week Hump Day, but today is Wednesday and that means it’s actually Hump Day!

To celebrate the mid-week celebration, award-winning porn hunk Michael Boston and his real-life twin brother are showing off their delicious booties! The two took to Twitter to share some new photographs that feature them turned around with their Calvins pulled down so their bubble behinds are fully exposed.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen these two show a little skin together. In fact, they’ve taken so many XXX photos together, that we’re sure most of you have an entire album on your phone dedicated to the snapshots!

The two have previously posed for naughty pics on the beach, modeled for some gorgeous black and white photoshoot, and even shared some photos where they’re showing hole together!

And while this isn’t as hardcore as some of the real-life twin content we’ve been seeing recently, these photos are still really cute and it’s always nice to see some real-life brothers show each other their perfect buns.

If you want some more of these boys, you can check out Michael over on Twitter, OnlyFans. And if you want some of Michael’s look-a-like twin, you can see more of him over on Twitter   and OnlyFans.

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