Time to get to know out recording Artist Marcos Adam

Marcos Adam is an electric dance music artist from Paris. It’s been an exciting journey for him, who made his way from singing at home with his family in the Bronx to forging his own identity as an international recording artist. Next to that he is nice to look at as well. Time to get to know Marcos a bit better.

Hi Marcos, Can u first tell our readers and followers a bit about yourself?

Sure, I’m originally from New York. My family is from Puerto Rico, but I grew up in the Bronx. Now, I live in Paris since about 8 years ago. And I travel a lot for work, singing for events”.

These are difficult times for everybody because of Covid-19. You are an artist and right now you can’t perform on stage and for public. How are you holding up and what do you do to keep busy?

It’s been difficult of course, because I love performing, and my lifestyle before Covid was very dynamic. I travelled a lot to interesting destinations. So now, it’s depressing to be stuck at home and unable to move around. But I try to use the free time to focus on new projects. I’ve always loved recording music, so I’ve been using this period to be more productive as a recording artist”.

You have a new song out. Where did you get your inspiration from for it? What is it about?

I love to write music and I’ve released a lot of original songs in the past. But recently, I’ve been working a lot on covers. My new release is a dance version of the Richard Marx classic “Right Here Waiting”, which is one of my favorite 80’s ballads. This is my third collaboration with the production-duo Liran Shoshan (Jerusalem) and Javier Contreras (Mexico).The lyrics talk about distant love, so it feels really relevant for this time. Since the beginning of Covid, so many of us can relate to being far from those we love and unable to reach them”.

Is the music industry a difficult industry to work in? Is there lots of competition?

Yes, there’s a lot of competition and it can be difficult. It’s an industry that constantly changes and evolves. It requires a lot of curiosity and adaptability. And there’s no instruction manual. You really need to search and find your own way! Nothing comes easily. Modern technology has made aspects of the music industry more accessible than ever before, which has created even more competition. But it’s also created a lot of new opportunities. Just like anything in life, you have to focus on the positive and approach each challenge with optimism”.

With which artist or Deejay would you like to collaborate/work and why?

I’ve always wanted to work with Sagi Kariv. His production is what made me fall in love with circuit house music. I remember discovering his dance sets on Soundcloud and listening to them while jogging or working out at the gym. I hope we can collaborate someday”.

By the way you look amazing! How do you maintain your body and good looks? Plus are these good looks an advantage or a curse for you in this industry?

Thanks! I do everything I can to stay in shape. I run several times a week, exercise and try to eat well. I don’t think physique is important enough to make someone succeed or fail in the industry. After all, it’s more about the music. But of course, if someone thinks you’re cute, they’re more likely to discover you or follow you on social media. So, physical attractiveness has it’s advantages”.

When did u do your coming out to your friends and family and how did they react?

The first time I came out, I was 11 years old. My family is very religious and they believe that homosexuality is a sin and can be changed through prayer and counseling. So, for many years I tried to change because I didn’t want my parents to be disappointed. Their opinion was very important to me. It took me 10 years to accept myself and find the courage to come out for a second time. My father told me that I was going to hell and that he would never accept me. So, it’s fair to say that my coming out was very traumatic. It’s been a long recovery process since then. I’ve struggled my whole adult life with self-doubt and insecurity because of the feeling of being rejected as a child. But through it all, I’ve also proven to myself how strong I am. I’ve learned to be patient, and I’m constantly becoming a more self-assured version of myself”.

You have a BF for some time now. How did you guys meet? Tell something more about you guys?

Yes, I’m lucky to have a great guy. We met through a mutual friend during Pride in Madrid. We love having fun together, traveling and partying, and both of us haven’t had many previous relationships. So, I think we have the same approach to romance. We both see it as something very special, rare and difficult to find”.

Do you still believe we need a Pride these days and why?

Yes, of course! I’m not saying we need to have a Pride parade or festival. Obviously, with the pandemic, we should respect the advice of scientists about large gatherings. But, I do believe that Pride is so important, because our community has historically been marginalized and persecuted. Pride is our way of proclaiming our self-acceptance and love for each other, and showing to society that we’re here to stay”.

What are now your plans or dreams for the future?

I already have some new songs planned for release in the summer and fall. I’ve been lucky to work recently with Andrei Stan (La Demence) on an upcoming original release for Queen House Music, and there will also be a new production with Ran Ziv (Tel Aviv) and another with Guy Scheiman (Tel Aviv) in collaboration with singer Mickael Kruz. So, there are many surprises ahead. Music has always been my passion and priority. My dream is to have more success and more opportunities in the music industry. But on a personal level, I know that success is subjective. I’m already very proud of what I’ve accomplished, and my greatest dream for the future is just to share it with the people I love and create beautiful memories with them each day”.

Some last quick reactions on the following:

Best holiday destination? “Maspalomas

Boxers or briefs?Commando

Clubbing or drinks in a bar?Clubbing at La Demence!

Your Fetish: “Feet. A cute guy in flip-flops catches my attention

Best Singer besides yourself?MC is the greatest ever in my book”.

Website Pink In Our Lives?It’s fun and sexy! I recommend it”.

Naughty or Nice?Naughty, of course”.

Best quality of yourself? “Self-awareness”.

Worst quality of yourself? “Self-consciousness

Piercing or tattoo? “Neither. Even though I have ear-piercings. I love all-natural guys”.

Best Deejay:Ugh… don’t make me answer that! I work with these people”.

First love:Jonathan Vargas. Such a cutie!

Kinkiest fantasy: “Bondage”

Your Superhero:Everyone can be their own superhero”.

Body part you are proud of: “My chest

Music genre:Dance/House

Hairy or shaven:Shaven

For what can we wake you up at night:I’m probably already awake, chilling with friends”.

Sexiest male alive:My boyfriend of course”.

Breakfast in bed or dinner for 2? “I love a good restaurant!

Goal in Life?Peace and contentment”.

Thank you for this interview and we wish you all the best in the future and we love to see you perform again.

❤ Thank you too”.

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