Pinkwashing or not? #Pinkinourlives

Rainbow parades, colorful flags, and absolute diversity – the queer community celebrates the so-called Pride Month for a month in June .It is almost the end of June now and that officially means also the end of Pridemonth. In a “normal” year this also lots of Prides are happening and to enjoy all over the world. Many business are trying to be a part of these festivities within our LGBT+ community. They make special Pride products to show their support. But are they really that supportive?? Are they not just pinkwashing?

First what is the explanation of “pinkwashing”?

Pinkwashing is a term used to describe the action of using gay-related issues in positive ways in order to distract attention from negative actions by an organization, country or government.

The more popular Pride Marketing becomes, the more pinkwashing accusations reach the general public. The term refers to the expression of solidarity that is only used for marketing purposes – and that is why the queer community is severely judged: Many have the feeling that companies are exploiting the Pride symbolism in order to raise the purchase intentions of LGBT+ people. Each year some companies are accused of using this act only to get money and make profit over our community. Or that they are hiding their true feelings or actions and that when it becomes the first of July nothing is left of these good intentions.

I am not a person who wants to force his opinion on somebody. I have a positive mindset and looks for the best in everyone. I know that there are business that want to  make a profit at the expense of the LGBT+ Community. We wish they all could show their support loud and proud all year long. But you can’t expect or force it from everybody. So let us just applaud the ones who do instead of complaining about others.

Can we held some others accountable? Yes of course we can and we should!!! But…at least they do something!

They invest in making products with rainbows, catchphrases or any other LGBT-related stuff. We can also be proud about that and not always look on the negative side of it. We still have the choice to buy their products. We are not obligated, it is our Pink In Our Lives!!!

Some companies do this every year especially for Pride Month and they dare to be different as well. Let us just applaud this iniative and decide ourselves if you wanna buy, share or liking it. They only make money if we buy it. Our community wants to get respect and to be accepted, so than we should do the same. Choose your favorite companies, institutions and products that you feel comfortable with and spend your money there.

If you don’t give respect, you don’t get it back. Can I get an Amen up here? 🙏🏳️‍🌈❤️

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