Are u ready for Antwerp Pride 2021? #NotJustWords #PinkInOurLives

Today was the Press Conference for Antwerp Pride 2021, where they unfold their events for this summer in August.

It will be the fourteenth edition, but also the second edition of a “different” Pride that we are normally used to experience. Like last year Miss Corona made sure there will be no Parade or Loveunited Festival again this year. But the whole team of Antwerp Pride, their partners and the city of Antwerp are making sure you can celebrate and connect together again this time.

Besides this year’s theme #NotJustWords Antwerp Pride will also emphasize the importance of diversity and inclusivity in this edition. Many events and projects will embark these topics and are trying to get everybody more aware of how big and great our community is. And as you probably know every word, said or written, can have an impact. Unfortunely most of the time in a negative way.

Just think, when you want to voice an opinion, how it comes across to the other person? And is this really the way you want to make a point? Be respectful, think before you speak and most of all in the end….we all just want to be loved and accepted. 🏳️‍🌈❤️🌈

Chairman Bart Abeel shared the stage with Marcia Poelman (Queer Arts Festival), Mayor Bart De Wever, Karim Bachar (Minister of Equal Rights) and Nabila Ait Daoud (Alderwoman of Culture).

This year Antwerp Pride has great and some original events planned from the 11th till the 15th of August 2021. Main events are:

1-31/08: second edition of Trail of Stories (portraits spread around town)

11/08: Opening Night at Open Air Theatre Rivierenhof with lots of artists, performances and music.

13/08: Human Rights Friday

14/08: Pride Dates (not just only for romantic, but also to make new friends and when interested getting to know more about other genders/sexualities etc.)

7-29/08: Antwerp Queer Arts Festival

14 +15/08: Pride Village (place to find all the partners, connection, information and merchandise. Also a place to connect together)

14/08: Antwerp Pride Roller 3 Miles (roller skating event on the big shopping street Meir)

And off course if you want more info or merchandise go to the shop in “Stadsfeestzaal Antwerp” from 7 till the 14th of August or find more about these events, and more on the website

Plus there is a very nice collaboration with jewel designer Nico Taeymans, who made especially for Antwerp Pride a ring. You can buy this during the Pride.

Ring made by Nico Taeymans

For most events you have to register, because of the Belgian government measures due to Covid-19. Join fast and make this a great Antwerp Pride 2021 edition.

We will see you all there!!!

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