Drag Race Star Manila Luzon to host new drag TV show 🌈 #GaylyNews #PinkInOurLives

Currently there are Drag Race spin offs in the UK, Holland, Spain, Thailand, Australia, and Canada and we’re at tipping point. With too many seasons of the current format to count, ex contestants are leveraging their brands with new programs. Manila Luzon is ready to use hers for all she’s worth.

Known for her quirky off beat looks and personality Manila Luzon has appeared in Seasons 3, All Stars 1 & 4 of Drag Race US. Now her sights are set on the Phillipines. Manila Luzon to host Drag Den, a world first for the Philippines. Drag Race franchises are world wide, including two seasons of Drag Race Thailand, however there is yet to be a version in the Phillipines.

Enter Manila Luzon and Drag Den

Teased on social media recently, the Drag Race star is seen talking up the new program announcing that auditions will be starting soon. Not affiliated with Rupaul or World of Wonder, Luzon teases that they are looking for the next “Drag Supreme” to help lead the drag “cartel.” It’s not immediately clear what format the program will take however it’s safe to say it will serving sicking queens, eliminations and an eventual winner.

The show is a natural progression for Manila Luzon who despite competing three times on Drag Race has never won the crown.

I’m so excited to be able to give back in some way. In the Philippines, the drag scene is still quite small and underground, so I’m excited to bring it to the forefront. Hopefully, they’ll have a similar journey that I’ve had and that the rest of us queens have had [and] we’ll take over the world, one little island at a time!”

It’s unclear when the program will air. With production only confirmed in July 2021 and auditions yet to come Drag Den is likely slated for a 2022 release.

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