Ford made a “Very Gay Raptor” F-150 pickup! #pinkinourlives #pride

The car company created the new gold and rainbow-colored #VeryGayRaptor truck as a clapback to haters louder than any social media post could be.

A Ford distributor in Germany has made a splash with a loud clapback to customers who denigrated the color of the car company’s F-150 Raptor pickup trucks. The truck is adorned with rainbows and a big heart and covered in a sparkly gold wrap.

In a video posted to social media, Ford showed comments that called the truck’s Performance Blue color “very Gay.” Others demanded Ford paint the car black and gold.

Ford clapped back by showing what a really gay car would look like and showed an animation of the car being painted gold and rainbow colors and wished viewers a happy Pride. The video was released to chastise people who used the word “gay” as an insult.

But then Ford actually produced a rainbow truck like in the video. The company also wrapped a 1998 Ford KA in rainbow colors to commemorate the first year they participated in the LGBTQ Pride parade.

Both vehicles were used in the Christopher Street Day parade in Cologne.

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