Lil Nas X Sports Vintage Elton John for Their Uber Eats Collaboration #pinkinourlives

Lil Nas X pays homage to vintage Elton John’s feathered glam look in their Uber Eats collaboration. Renowned for his outlandish costumes at the time, John debuted the Bob Mackie design when he performed “Crocodile Rock” on The Muppet Show in the early 1970s.

In one of a series of ads for Uber Eats, John sports a hot pink suit while Nas lounges in a replica of the costume comprised of feathers and oversized rose-tinted sunglasses. Noticing Nas’s costume, John says, “You look amazing.”

“No, you look amazing,” Nas responds before the two shower each other with thank-yous.

Another ad in the series has the two trailblazers on children’s coin-operated rides (John on a rocket for “Rocket Man” and Nas on a purple pony (a nod to his hit “Old Town Road”) discussing what they’ve ordered for dinner. In it they have a back-and-forth over British colloquialisms for money when John claims he doesn’t have any to pay for his order.

Yet another ad for the food delivery company sees John and Nas in a back and forth over ordering mayonnaise as a side for French fries. “A little judgy,” John says of Nas, who disapproves of the food choice. “That’s weird,” says Nas while sporting a purple wig from circa the 1760s.

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