RuPaul’s New ‘Blame It on the Edit’ Song Shades ‘Drag Race’ Queens #pinkinourlives

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As we all know, if there’s one thing RuPaul is going to do, it’s release new music. The drag titan has long created and released music but with her 2004 project Red Hot, she stepped into a new era in marketing and promoting a project independently due to tips from her friend Ari Gold. Since, she’s found a way to weave the tracks throughout her ever-growing universe, and now she’s preparing fans for the release of a new album with a shady first single titled “Blame It On the Edit.”

Released yesterday, the lyrics take aim at queens and RuPaul’s Drag Race fans who blame what they see on the show on producers.

“She wanna blame it on the edit, you the one who said it,” the lyrics read. “Go’on and take the credit, bitch. You the one who said It, bitch. How you gon’ regret it? Blame it on the edit, blame it on the edit.” The “edit” in question is the much rumored “villain edit” that fans and ueens say happens when production has decided to portray specific performers as evil.

The song, which seems to be a collaboration between RuPaul and Fredrick Minano, is on Ru’s new album MAMARU. It is the performer’s 14th studio album. Ru has been posting snippets of the lyrics on Twitter.

“All these shows around the world and everywhere we go,” the lyrics continue. “You’ll never meet another bitch as salty as these hoes.” In another verse, the lyrics turn slightly pointed.

“You already know who I am, you know what the f*ck I do,” they read. “So why they all in my house, they lyin on my production crew. Baby nice to know if they throw you a bone, you the type comin back with a attitude. I ain’t cha enemy, keep that same energy. You da only one tryna sabotage you.”

We were wondering when the inner saboteur reference would leap out! Who do you think Ru is talking about???

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