Gossip Girl Actor Jason Gotay Married His Longtime Love #pinkinourlives

Jason Gotay is officially a married man!

The theater star, who is currently starring as Rafa Caparros in HBO Max’s queer AF Gossip Girl reboot, tied the knot to his longtime boyfriend and fellow actor Michael Hartung in New York state this Monday after getting engaged earlier this year.

According to a profile of the lovely couple for Brides.com, the two met on the set of NBC’s Peter Pan Live! musical (which aired back in 2014) while Gotay was playing one of the Lost Boys and Hartung was playing Sniffler.

“As I entered the rehearsal studios and stepped into the elevator, I greeted a couple of friends who were also part of the Lost Boy band,” Gotay recalled of the first time he and Michael met on-set. “As the elevator door began to close, one more boy jumped in just in time. I turned around and saw the most beautiful smile I’d ever seen, accompanied by bright blue eyes and a joy that lit up the room (well, elevator). This was Michael, the boy I was told to look out for, as we had a mutual friend who told us we would be working on Peter Pan together. I shook his hand and introduced myself, excited to get to know him. My friend, Sara, had told us that we were going to ‘just love each other.’ I didn’t realize until later just how on-the-nose she was about that.”

“Michael made such a strong impression on a room full of giants that I couldn’t help but be drawn to him as well,” Gotay said of what drew him to Hartung. “It’s hard to ignore someone like Michael. He has a razor-sharp mind, strong work ethic, and he always brings such joy and light into the room.”

“We continued hanging out alone for a couple of weeks until I told Michael one night that I had feelings for him, only I was scared to admit it,” Gotay continued, speaking about how their relationship, and eventual marriage, came to blossom.

“I was still recovering from a painful breakup the year before. I wasn’t sure if I was ready to open up my heart again. But Michael was patient with me and didn’t put any pressure on us. I felt safe with him, and besides, being next to him made me so happy that nothing else seemed to matter. We made it official a couple of days before Thanksgiving, two weeks before the broadcast. To this day, performing with him has been one of the greatest joys of my life.”

Congratulations to the married couple Jason and Michael!

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