Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend Returns to Washington DC with five massive night and daytime events!!! #PinkInOurLives

Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend, better known as MAL Weekend, an event that attracts thousands of leather men, kinksters, fetish-lovers and curious spectators from all over the world, returns to Washington, D.C in 2022!  

For the first time, the Centaur Motorcycle Club (Centaur MC) is partnering with some of hottest producers in DC, who are the team of KINETIC, to produce five official events that will feature eleven of the world’s leading DJs:  Alex Acosta, Ben Bakson, Brett Oosterhaus, Cindel, Conner Curnick, Dan Slater, GSP, Isaac Escalante, J Warren, Onyx, and Tom Stephan. KINETIC: MAL Weekend takes place January 13 – 17, 2022 at various venues throughout Washington DC.  Tickets are available now at MAL2022.com, but you need to have the proof of the vaccination rules that are ordered by the government and production.

“Whether you’re a jock, bear, wolf, otter, or any other member of our community, all are welcome to unleash their urges on the largest dance floors MAL has ever seen,” says producer Dougie Meyer.


“We have secured the city’s best and most collossol venues for KINETIC: MAL Weekend,” continues Jesus Quispe.  Because last year’s weekend was cancelled due to Covid, they are anticipating larger crowds than ever.  “There will be lots of dancing, cruising, and sliding into one other,” Quispe laughs.

The weekend kicks off on Thursday, January 13th with the BOOTCAMP party where men will have their first chance to meet their fellow revelers, get geared up for the weekend and grab their complimentary dog tags. DJs Onyx and J Warren will provide the beats designed to prepare all for the next three days of debauchery.

The first Main Event takes place on Friday, January 14th.  That is when DC’s popular UNCUT party becomes UNCUT XL and KINETIC: MAL Weekend debuts a brand-new warehouse space with state-of-the-art sound and lighting.  The Friday night bacchanal continues into the wee morning with INSOMNIA, an after party with DJs Cindel and Alex Acosta that starts at 3:30 AM and doesn’t end until well after the sun comes up.

The Saturday parties begin with the TeaBag Tea Dance at 3pm when Dan Slater takes men on a musical journey as the sun sets.  Then, at 10pm, is KINETIC: MAL Weekend’s spotlight extravaganza: the Saturday night main event taking place at Echostage, recently voted the #1 Club in the World by DJ Magazine.  Headlined by Ben Bakson and GSP, KINETIC: KINK will be the first LGBTQ+ Saturday main event at the multilevel space and will feature live fetish acts, epic performances, and more chains and whips than can be imagined.

“This is Ben Bakson’s debut in Washington, D.C. and we could not be more excited to have him at the largest main event in the history of MAL Weekend,” says Zach Nalbone.

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Big kiss,

Lesley Middleton, owner of  PINK IN OUR LIVES

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