Cartoon Called Life has opened their first Boutique in Brussels #PinkInOurLives

Last week we were in Brussels, Belgium were Cartoon Called Life took their first step in opening a new art boutique!

A special place for “Bunny” to feature his art, love and humor in one beautiful boutique. On wednesday the 20th of April last week the doors went open for a special crowd of friends, artists and partners. They could see the store already for the first time to fully experience the life of Bunny.🐰😍

We were invited for the opening and we loved the boutique. Organizers Laurent and cartoonist Juraj made a special store where you can buy all the products designed by Cartoon Called Life and to enjoy the beautiful art as well. You can even find articles and clothing that you can not find online yet.🙏

A place to relax and to experience the crazy humor and life of Bunny through books, apparel and art. Cartoonist Juraj told us also that they will open the art gallery upstairs for other artists as a platform. Great iniative!

He also explained why they had chosen Brussels for their first boutique: “Brussels is more international and has a artsy vibe around the city. Lots of artists and art galleries are located in Brussels”.

Pay them a visit soon and discover in one place the whole universe of Cartoon Called Life!

They are open from Thursday to Saturday, from noon to 6pm. Adress: 55 rue Saint-Jean in 1000 Brussels

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Big kiss,

Lesley Middleton, owner of  PINK IN OUR LIVES

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