Michelle Visage expertly shuts down big complaint about RuPaul’s Drag Race #PinkInOurLives

RuPaul’s Drag Race judge Michelle Visage has weighed in on fans’ complaints of “Drag Race fatigue” due to too many versions of the hit show.

Visage told Digital Spy she disagrees and has called those complaints a “bit short-sighted.” “We fought so long and hard to get queer programming on TV,” she said. “Drag Race has kind of blazed that trail in many ways. Not the only ways. I’m not taking all the credit, don’t get me wrong. But I don’t think there could ever be enough. I think we always have to love and support our queer artists.”

She told the outlet that as well as Drag Race, there were several other TV shows giving drag talent and other queer performers a platform. Michelle Visage appeared as a judge on drag singing competition Queen of the Universe, which crowned already a winner and is coming back for a second season.

“The point is, we’re getting these shows on TV. I don’t think we should ever, for a second, complain,” she said. “It’s 2022. It’s taken so long to get shows like this on telly.”

Visage argued that the complaints were “a bit short-sighted” and believes people should be “celebratory” and “grateful” to have so many LGBTQ+ focused shows to choose from. “It won’t be here forever. Nothing’s here forever,” she said. “So we have to enjoy being celebrated right now, and we should continue. You’ve got to sit down and binge it. The point is, nobody has all the time to sit down and watch every single TV show that they want to watch. You make time for it!”

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