Haus: The new chaotic, queer, sex positive reality show on OUTTV #PinkInOurLives

Hot Haus is the sex-positive and chaotic new queer reality tv show to debut on OUTTv, hosted by Tiffany Pollard. It’s another offering from OUTTv who earlier this year brought us “Call Me Mother”. Hot Haus balances chaos and community to bring a show that is as heartwarming as it is entertaining. “Hot Haus”, the reality show will enlist queer sex workers and NSFW content creators to compete for the title of the ‘Next Queer Sex Symbol’.

Traditionally the queer and POC community are heavily underrepresented in reality TV shows. Earlier this year Survivor committed to more inclusive and diverse casting. But Hot Haus is going one step further with their debut cast.

Seven contestants will be locked in a house together competing for a $10,000 prize. But these contestants are all either current or former sex workers. The majority are POC, trans and non-binary contestants. It’s a great reclaiming of the reality TV space, putting queer and POC contestants and sex-positivity at the forefront.

Whilst the contestants are loud, fierce, and fabulous, they also bring frank and honest discussions to the screen. Discussions about sexism, transphobia, body shaming, and representation take centre stage in this captivating trailer for the series.

Well-known reality TV personality Tiffany Pollard serves as host on the first season of Hot Haus. “Their talent and grace genuinely moved me every day we were together on set,” she says of the cast. “They’re not just stars, they’re not just superstars, they’re ultra stars! Either way, I love them, and you will too.”

The seven contestants will live together throughout the course of the competition.Each week they will compete in provocative challenges as they compete for the $10,000 prize. The twist? As contestants are eliminated they will remain in the house to serve as judges.

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