High Schooler in Florida Comes Out During His Graduation Ceremony! #PinkPress 💖

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High Schooler in Florida Comes Out During His Graduation Ceremony!

High school graduation is a big moment in a young person’s life. Coming out is a big moment in a queer person’s life. William Harless, a recent Venice High School (in Venice, Fla.) graduate, chose to combine both of those moments when he came out to his classmates and family by carrying a Pride flag across the graduation stage when his name was announced.

“Graduation is all about your achievements. And you can’t really acknowledge your achievements if you’re not acknowledging your true self.”

The decision to come out was a long time coming for Harless, who said he had been thinking about when to do it as far back as seventh grade, while he was still living in West Virginia. But as graduation approached, Harless realized that was the right time to do it and that he’s glad he did.

“It feels amazing, like a weight has been taken off my shoulders,” he said. “I have really been able to stay true to myself because I no longer feel like I don’t need to hide a part of myself. I feel genuinely free.”  Harless also shared that friends and family have been supportive of his coming-out.

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