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This upcoming weekend starts Showqueen group Les folles de Gand like every year at “De Gentse Feesten”. They exist already for 24 years now and like every year we enjoy their show in Ghent.

If you have never saw them (Shame on you!), we give you here our review from last year to get you in the mood: 23 years Les Folles De Gand.

Enjoy the one-and-only written style from our very own Showqueenreporter Christiaan D’Hooghe:

On the evening from a very hot 20th of July 2021, I sat down at Reynaert Hall Ghent for the 23th shown from the famous Ghent Showqueen group “Les Folles De Gand.”. After more than a year of online, stream etc performances thanx NOT, to Miss Rona. Finally seeing a show for real again, is a blissful feeling.

The show opened with already a showstopper.
“Firework/Vuurwerk…” from Belgium’s The Voice of Flanders winning songbird Camille, blasted through the speakers and gave a immediate feeling from goose bumps. (Despite the fact of being seated underneath the North pole air-conditioning that almost froze my perky nipples off……) Beehive Bombshell Miss Michelle and the wonderful Stardancers, both dressed in sweet Pink, launched the house with fireworks on stage and already gave us a showstopper. If this was what the evening would bring us, the best was yet to come. (And so it did!)

Yorka one of the longest staying members from LFDG and former Miss Dragqueen Belgium, gave us a dressed and swirling on stage in fur and golden gowned, Dame Shirley Bassey, with the LGTBQ favorite song  “This is my life…”
The audience loved it in the extreme!!! La Bassey is camp and classic, so.
The Masked singer had a glory moment in 2021 with the winning Sandra Kim as the Aristocratic Queen. Her performance gave Yorka a epic act for this evening. Dressed in a Royal white laced top to bottom gown, masked and spiky crown on top with a Sia original song, “Unstoppable.”

One of the acts that gave me a definite summer vibe was the Shana Classic “Rhythm of Summer/Ritme van de zomer…” Together with Miss Michelle dancing in the typical up-tempo synchronized Sha-na way, the temperature definitely went up! And so did the audience.What ever show I have visited through the years (ladies….take notes from this!!!!), Sha-na is a winner act!

Another act that pumped up the volume, in laughing this time, was the Nuns at the Gym act. Trust me to have been there, would have been even more fun!
Imagine Yorka and Miss Michelle dressed as 2 Louis De Funés catholic Nuns, of course wearing the typical French Nun cap, at the local gym. Obviously cycling away their sins on a home trainer, sweating, soaking their cotton undies, while gazing a very sexy hot guy!!!

This combined with a snippet medley of hilarious songs, evolving into a hurricane of laughing from the audience. One of the best moments being the slow motion movements from Sister Yorka, Michelle and the hot gym bunny. How muscular can one be? God had something in spade, because his boyfriend was also at the gym. Back to the confessional chair and ladies, enjoy some spit and the crucifix!!!

When saying Daisy D-Zire, one famous one-liner comes to mind…..”My name is Daisy D-Zire, the flower girl from Tilburg….” (Present yourself at the MTB pageant several years ago.) Over the years La D-Zire has evolved and refined her style. The 2 acts that I definitely enjoyed, was one the Kylie Minogue tribute act. Who has been/seen the Showgirl tour in 2005, sees a definite exact resemblance with La Minogue. Petite, girlish and above all displaying the French chique from a Parisian Lido Showgirl. Dressed in the ice blue and white bustier with even the little moving stars attached to it, La D-Zire IS La Minogue. The blue and white head piece with matching feathered hips, makes the resemblance even more perfect! Together with the Stardancers, Daisy gives us a high class resemblance of her Kylie features and style.

That Queen of Pop Madonna is still very much alive and kicking, besides her very youthful (natural) looks, every year she delivers a new disc on the market.
La D-Zire this time, made a stunning compilation with a few of her best hits. Like a Prayer, Give me all your luvin’ etc. Purple & blue realness on stage, again with the Stardancers. Dressed in gorgeous purple short skirted outfit with sparkling detailed shoulder pads, killer high heeled boots underneath, in which she has 3 onstage outfit changes. Ending this, with a very sexy, rhinestones attached in a cross shape on her chest, body. Perhaps Madonna should ask for choreography advice, because this act, definitely lifts the song into 2021.

Need to include the 2Fabiola remix from La D-Zire. My God, how much energy can one give. Dressed in a semi sexy yellow/red/black latex outfit, including head piece with puffed up hairdo included. 100 % sex appeal surrounded by her dressed in red star element tops, dancers. “Lift U up…..Turn the tide….walk on water.” Synchronic line up after line up with her dancers, lifts, nothings too much for Las D-zire and we her love it!!!

Les Folles De Gand this year added some stunning group acts.
I personally enjoyed the Eurovision segment, much to short darlings, more more more!!!  In purple matching outfits Yorka and Miss Michelle, dancing on “Baby baby…”from all time Flanders favorites Nicole and Hugo.With the typical synchronized dance moves. Back to the days darlings, 1973! Daisy D-Zire upgraded Greek Helena Paparizou with her version from “Number one…” dressed in a semi white/golden knee length dress, dancing, with the Stardancers in authentic Greek style, as been seen in 2005.

Yorka upgraded her version from Swedish Songbird Carola, with the song “Invincible…” dating back to the year 2006. Not even the F-ING wind machine could have blown the fabulously curled hairdo from La Yorka and trust me, she looked stunning!

Miss Stephany “dipped” out her tan lotion and gave life, to the Kate Ryan 2006 Eurovision classic “Shut the door…..#Iamkidding… Je T’adore…”  Including the sexy blond bob hairdo, the famous orange and lavishly sequenced dress,  unveiling her longer then life legs and epic controversial knee swing! The audience loved and so did I.

Miss Der Missen winner Miss Stephany, had a fabulous Victory at the named pageant in 2020. Sadly Miss Rona threw a shade over her first year. Despite a few performances in her stunning glorious presence, she had not much gigs, on her agenda. Thankfully Miss Michelle asked Miss Stephany if she would enjoy a tenure, in her group LFDG. It personally pleased me a lot that she did take this opportunity with both her, fire engine red nail polished, hands.

Of course this evening, Miss Stephany launched her 2 fabulous acts from the MDM pageant. In a reduced, but not less stunning version she served us the energy from more than a year ago, again! Dressed in a slim lined and skintight outfit, with colorful animal prints, Stephany brought together with the Stardancers, the house DOWN!!!

Jessie J personally, would have been proud seeing the synched dancing and uplifting energy on her songs, naming Burning up, and that Bang Bang, darlings, can I get an AMEN on it! Also her Showstopper, free act at MDM, is one to stay for sure. Golden Queen, realness hinting back to her 90-ies Medley outfit from MTB 2017.  Bombshell blond, high wig and her amazing Stardancers on stage, bringing the audience a dental sparkling brightness “Smack in the air…” being lifted above the stage. “Pump up the jam….”with Golden sizzzzzzling pompoms and cheerleaders, get in line darlings!!! Ending with a Mister Vain up tempo!!! La Stephany lost 18 kg of weight, being more lifted than ever before. That’s what they call, a Showstopper!!!!

To spice up the already HOT evening La Stephany recently added a “Fleur East” to her repertoire. Golden diamonded Killer boots on point, with a small skimpy raven black Versace studded, personalized outfit.  On the beats from “Uptown Funk/ Play that Sax…” Bruno Mars would approve I’m sure, she left us with another  hot and breathless moment. Party all over the place and so much fun!!! When one enjoys on stage, it shows. Not forgetting to mention the sexy Stardancers in their see through top, velvetized pants and golden coats.
The responds from the audience, well, need I say more. #DropTheMic

The Finale from LFDG is always a gawking one, and the Queens didn’t left us with a hunger. Ask and you’ll receive. On the beats from Jane McDonalds classic “Dance Yourself Dizzy…”the Queens one by one enter the stage.
Dressed in emerald green slim lined gowns, displaying a diamonded  v lines bust, green colored head and shoulder piece. The LIDO la Paris is not far away darlings!!! Joined by the Stardancers this Finale is what we love from our Queens. Closing with a BANG!!!
Recalling a sentence from a few years ago, spoken to one of the fabulous Queens, present on stage this evening. “Honey, you are big and you are the real deal, but you are a dying race…”implying to the old school drag.

After seeing this youthful, and vibrant energy on stage, I can overrule.
LFDG is young, alive and VERY much kicking darlings!!! Thank you for the wonderful evening and being seated on the hot spot table near the stage,
Pictures in my review from Ronald & Hermien. (The best!)

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