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βš–οΈ This is the first time in history that the EU has taken a member state to court over a LGBTQ-related issue.

In June 2021, Hungary’s parliament passed a law banning content that could be considered to β€œpromote homosexuality and gender change”.

➑️ The law applies to any content seen by people under 18.

The content in question includes:

πŸŽ’ School materials

πŸ“– Children’s books

πŸ“Ί Television shows

➑️ Only groups officially approved by the Government would be able to teach sex education.

πŸ”΄ So what is happening now?

🚫 The Commission says the law infringes many EU rules, including the Charter of Fundamental Rights.

⏰ It will take a while for the court to deliver a ruling, but Hungary could still lose EU funds in the meantime.

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