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5 things you should definitely bring to Pride #PinkInOurLives

Pride is a lot of fun but you better come prepared!

Coming up is Amsterdam and Antwerp Pride, which means there are marches, parades and parties to attend. But you can’t celebrate just by showing up; you have to come prepared with all the necessary essentials to have a fun time.

The question is, what are the best things to bring? LGBTQ Nation has it covered. Here are the top five things to bring one should definitely bring to celebrate Pride this year.

A Colorful Outfit

How often do LGBTQ people get to wear rainbows and loud, colorful outfits throughout the year? Although rainbows are beautiful, they aren’t typically the most fashionable. But that’s the beauty of Pride Month. Queer people are able to express themselves with extreme colors this month to fully display the pride they have in themselves.

It’s time to get all dressed up and march through the streets in the most expressive outfit you’ve got.

Comfortable Shoes

Now a colorful outfit is nothing without a pair of matching shoes. The only problem is that big shoes aren’t exactly the most comfortable thing to walk in. Rainbow stilettos make a statement; however, during a long Pride parade, they do not work.

There is a lot of walking, marching, and dancing that is required at Pride and comfortable shoes are an important aspect to ensure that one can make it through the entire parade and any after parties later.

Lots of Water

Pride is in the summer, which means it can get really hot outside. Although a water bottle may clash with your Pride look, it is paramount that water is brought to any parade.

There will be a lot of movement, which leads to a lot of sweating and body heat rising. That is a prime recipe for disaster if water is not brought to keep one hydrated. Pride may make a statement, but it could be a bad one if you need to sit out part of the parade to cool off. You have to stay hydrated while you walk so that you can slay the streets without interruption.

Broad-spectrum Sunblock (SPF 30 or higher)

Preparation before Pride is also an important part of the festivities. Besides planning the perfect outfit, finding the right pair of shoes, and filling up that water bottle, one should apply and pack some sunblock to ensure that they don’t get burnt while marching.

To protect one’s body from any type of harmful rays, one should be applying broad-spectrum sunblock with an SPF of at least 30 to make it through the parade unscathed. But it must not be forgotten, because sunblock must be applied more than once. Save the skin and have fun.

Sense of Pride

Now the most important thing to bring besides a colorful wardrobe and the essentials is a sense of pride. Pride started as a riot and the LGBTQ community must keep that in mind as they march through the streets. Pride is a statement, and keeping that in mind will ensure the purpose of the festivities is not lost in all the fun.

While the LGBTQ community, especially the transgender community, is being systematically attacked with anti-LGBTQ bills, we have to remember that there is still a lot of work to be done. Have fun during Pride and remember why it started and why it must continue.

So bring your friends and a pride-themed playlist to celebrate Pride!!!!

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