Welcome, this is me


pink candyHow original is my opening line, haha.

But I do mean it, because when you are reading this, it also means that you are on my blog.                                                                                                                                                                       The blog I started after some heavy thinking (and breathing LOL)…….. And I am very proud of every visitor that comes by. 56850_107740109297610_100001848638262_63875_1830897_o

Who am I?? I am just a normal guy, born and raised in the Netherlands, but living for many years now in Antwerp/Belgium. My father is from Indonesia and my mother from Holland. I have one younger sister, who is living like all my family in the Netherlands. I came to Belgium for my work with my former girlfriend and I have never left. Antwerp is sometimes not that well-known for the outside world, but it is such a cool place to live with all the culture, shopping, good restaurants and the best chocolate . We all love the afrodisiac, don’t we?? ;o))

IMG_0418Now I am working as a head of the reception in a hotel, after having to be my own boss for 12 years in such a different work environment. I like to go out with my friends, going to the movies, very addicted to TV shows, music and travelling. But most of all being together with my current great partner René and our doggie BeauIMG_1786. Oh yeah did I forgot to mention that I am GAY?!?!  LOL!!!

Yes I turned from straight to bi to gay. A life changer but for the best. I did a late coming out at 25 years old and I have never regret it. I even have been married to a guy, but after a while I got divorced and now I have found the love of my life118. The one that gives me butterflies and respects me of who I am. We make each other laugh and are the happiest when we are together. He keeps me young and the sparkle alive between us.

IMG_2293When I decided to write my own blog, the ideas came popping out of my head. I did not know exactly about what, but one thing was for sure, it had to be about something that changed and fulfilled my life. Which was being myself, just being gay!!! It is a turning point in your life, when you realize who and what you are and also that you can express yourself. This did not mean for me putting feathers in my ass or throwing the shoulder bag around my neck and shouting out that everything is fabulous. Hell no, it just meant living a life like everybody else, preferably with a sexy partner (which I have). But also living a life with a pink side to it ;-)).

I would describe myself best as a smiling social guy, creative and IMG_0972with a consistent curiosity that brought him lots of good, friends and nice memories, but still not finished with living the good life. When I surf to a blog, I like to know who’s behind it and why people do what they do. On the other hand, it is not that easy to fill a page about myself. What can I say;  I 186like to watch to gorgeous men? I only remember the handsome actors in movies or series instead of the story line? That I will buy magazines or books related to gay stuff sooner than Rolling Stone Magazine? That I prefer a holiday with sun, sea, and nice bronzed male bodies instead of climbing the Mount Everest?      I think you will get the picture about me now!!! LOL

I hope you will like reading my blog “PINK IN OUR LIVES” with pleasure and that you will be as informed as entertained.

IMG_0672IMG_8068Do you any more questions, remarks or comments?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Please send me a message at info@pinkinourlives.com

You know you love me and have a PINK day!!!

XOXO Lesley


  1. I’m the 50ish. I’m in shape & active.
    I’m seldom approached by men my own age, but often by much younger. I enjoy the chemistry and what great motivation to hit the gym daily.
    I’ve also learned not to get overly attached

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  2. very nicely put, darling!
    As a fellow Dutchman, I agree completely: Antwerp is great. Been here for almost 15y now, and not planning on leaving 🙂


    1. Well in my opinion age is just a number and if two people of legal age feel good with each other, I don’t mind at all. My boyfriend is almost twelve years younger than me and it works out great. You have to respect each other and you have to be on the same level regardig interests and trust. If you don’t have that, it wil be harder to make it work, but it is all about why two people are together. And I think genuine love have to be the main reason and not because someone needs a father figure, money reasons or that a younger person makes the other feel young.


    2. I’m 47 now but I always feel great with boys from 18 to 30 y.o.
      I like their slim body’s and their energy and the fact that they don’t know everything yet.
      Some kind of innocence, purity they still have 😄😍❤


    1. Thanx!!! always nice to get the appreciation and hopefully you will visit my site again. I try to keep it interesting and varying. If you have any comments or suggestions, always like constructive criticism and positivee thoughts. Thank you again. XOXO


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