rip mamaOn the 26th of September my greatest Icon and one of the sweetest LGBT supporter has passed away: MY MOTHER RIKA.

FullSizeRenderIMG_4250She had COPD (chronic obstructive respiratory disease) for a IMG_6734few years and because of struggling with her health, she couldn’t do anything normal anymore like walking around or shopping. Breathing on her own was almost impossible and just eating a bowl of cereal made her tired. My mother was always a strong woman and to see her like this was breaking my heart. She wanted to get out of life, I respected that decision, because she was in lots of pain and wanted to pass away with dignity. And she went…..gracefully with humor, strength and pride.

scannen002439677_118663538184430_100001223536616_117846_2893613_nMy mother was loved by lots of people and supported our gay community. She was for lots of my gay friends their “Gay” mum as well. Everybody could come at her house and she made them feel at home. She was beautiful, heartfelt and funny, always making the party and every time putting other persons needs first. She went before her illness with me to gay bars and clubs and I definitely haven’t got my personality from a stranger. Social, flirty, smiling, strong and outgoing is what she passed on to me.

IMG_1838SONY DSCShe also supported my blog Pink In Our Lives. She loved to look at ma en mijn zusjeall the sexy shirtless hunks and commenting on it. πŸ˜‰ She hadn’t learn English, so the stories she couldn’t read on the blog, but it did not stop her to look at my posts and share them. She figured out how to get on Facebook and Whatsapp, so she could keep in touch with everybody and especially with us. Belgium isn’t far from The Netherlands, but stopping by for a cup of coffee very easily was unfortunate not possible. Her children (my sister and I) and her grandchild Noa were everything to her. She would do anything for us.

36996_104509296266521_100001223536616_29753_7675278_nlesley en rika010I am truly honored to be her son. I could talk about anything with her, 45892_428641548609_165292648609_4812622_2459781_neven about naughty stuff. Nothing was too crazy. She didn’t judge, accepted all my choices and supported me all the way. Like probably every mother knows, she knew I was gay before I did my coming out. But she let me make my own mistakes, finding my own path and future and all she wanted was for me to be happy.

de rijk030mikado,belgie,etc 032She makes for sure heaven a lot funnier now and RikaRouwbriefshe is very well missed. Momma, I love you very much and I know this is for the best for you. We try to keep that in mind, but….it still hurts. Give grandpa a big kiss there above and make sure you behave there together. πŸ˜‰

Your proud son Lesley



  1. Yes. Here I found you just two years later and I agree: what a lovely and loving tribute to your wonderful Mother. Thanks very much for posting this! it’s beautiful! – Gary.

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