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SHOWER BLAST01Too much Pink news to spread and don’t want you to miss out on the newest, hottest, interesting, sexiest, campiest, gayest stories, pictures and videos. We started in 2013 with this shower of an infotainment!!! Let’s get wet everywhere boys and girls. Enjoy and if you have something to share, please send me a message at info@pinkinourlives.com

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Congratulations to newlyweds Porn star and Escort Trenton Ducati and his new man David, a go-go dancer. They look very happy and got married on the 26th of February. I wish them all the happiness and love in the world. Trenton is nominated also this year at the Hookies Awards (International Escort Awards) coming up on the 21st of March in 4 categories for Best Top, Best Cock, Best Dressed/Style and Best Personal Escort Website.

YouTuber Seth Alan came out as gay to his brother and he’s sharing the experience with the world. “It’s been a long time building up to this one point in my coming out story, but I’m glad it all turned out for the better!” :) Watch his story!!!

Great speech from hero and Oscar winner Jared Leto for winning Best supporting actor as a trans in Dallas Buyers Club.


Even amazingly gorgeous men have trouble finding love, but it is possible!!!

A video Created as the closing act for Sydney Mardi Gras 2014. A Hunky gay surfer searches for love in Marry Me video to the soundtrack of Macklemore’s Same Love. He finds true love after series of meaningless encounters with other hot men. Very beautiful and cute ;o)

Queen-Elizabeth-Pink-hat-300x239Queen Elizabeth II has praised a gay charity, in what is believed to be her first ever comment about the LGBTI community. In her 62-year reign of the UK and the Commonwealth, she has never once visited or become a patron of a charity for gay rights. Words like ‘gay’, ‘lesbian’, ‘bisexual’, and ‘transgender’ have never been reported as crossing the lips of the reigning monarch. That changed last Friday. The Queen said in a special message to Gay Switchboard: “Best wishes and congratulations to all concerned on this most special anniversary”. Over the 40 years since it was established, the London Lesbian & Gay Switchboard has made a real difference day in and day out to the lives of LGB&T people. They would like to pay tribute to the volunteers and staff of the switchboard for their dedication to providing help and support to the LGB&T community and they wish them every success in the future. Way to go and all rise for the Queen!!!

matt lewis shirtless gay 2matt lewis shirtless gay 11Matthew Lewis, the actor who played pudgy Neville matt lewis shirtless gay 10Longbottom in the Potter movies has grown up and out, and is now starring as very sexy Corporal Gordon House on the BBC dramedy Bluestone 42.

matt lewis shirtless gay 5He is oiled up, shirtless and dirty dancing with other guys. Enjoy everybody. ;o)

matt lewis shirtless gay 3

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO: Adult performer Michael Lucas

Michael Lucas
Michael Lucas

, stand-up comedian Wanda Sykes

Wanda Sykes
Wanda Sykes

, actor Kerr Smith

Kerr Smith
Kerr Smith

, (Gay character Jack McPhee in Dawson’s Creek) and actor Darryl Stephens

Darryl Stephens
Darryl Stephens

AntonHysen-pendantCongratulations:  Openly Gay European Soccer player Anton Hysen600full-anton-hysen (born at 13 December 1990) signs with US-based Myrtle Beach Mutiny soccer team. HysénAntonFB2, the son of former Liverpool defender and Swedish international Glenn Hysén, was born in Liverpool England and whose career includes the Swedish U-17 National Team and Utsiktens BK and a training contract with BK Häcken of the Swedish top division. He came out as gay to the Swedish football magazine Offsideanton hysen in March 2011.

Mark_Ruffalo_Matt_Bomer_The_Normal_HeartMark Ruffalo and Matt Bomer share a steamy kiss in a new trailer for The Normal Heart. These Actors will be portraying characters living in New York City at the beginning of the AIDS crisis during the early 1980s. Ruffalo will play a gay man who witnesses the disease begin to take the lives of many of his community, while Bomer will play a reporter in the film. Many great other actors are playing in this movie like Julia Roberts, Jim Parsons, Jonathan Groff and Taylor Kitsch.  Check out the teaser trailer. It will premiere on the 25th of May on HBO.

                                                          Now I see the fun in Politics!!! ;o)


rosie beaverA new reality show called Drag Queens of London is coming this April. Drag Queens of London will star well-known faces from the capital’s drag scene amongst others like Dusty O, Lady Lloydlady lloyd, Silver Summerssilver summers, Vanity von Glow, Rosie Beaver and Vicki Vivacious. It will show these courageous and colorful characters, who have a lot on their plate and we’ll see them triumph against the odds to forge careers, find love and make their lives as both drag queens and real men in the capital. There’ll be plenty of the expected glitzy and glamorous performances but we’ll also learn more about the stories behind the performer as the war paint comes off.

BUTT OF THE WEEK:  Openly Out Actor Luke Evans

luke evans05luke evans03luke evans08luke evans01luke evans06luke evans09luke evans 02luke evans04luke evans07

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Finally having a weekend off together since a long time with my man. What could we do besides F*cking our brains out? ;-)

1234254_231265707024015_1223580279_nBeing on Facebook friday night I saw an flyer from cafe Keerweer in Rotterdam/HOLLAND. It is a small cafe, but every year they held a parade for three days from friday evening till sunday night. It is held around the cafe with a stage, a catwalk and a terrace. Normally we don’t drive from Antwerp/Belgium to Holland for an unknown small event like this, but we saw on the flyer that our friend ALISON JIEAR from the UK was going to perform saturday night. So KEERWEER PARADE here we come!!!

 We have met Alison in July in Sitges on the beach and by chatting a few days to her, we realized she was the singer of the great song “I just wanna Fucking dance”. Every gay person knows this song and here she was the amazing performer sitting next to us on the beach laughing and joking. Off course we saw her perform in the El Piano bar in Sitges and we fell in love with her voice, but most of all with her personality.


So last saturday we hopped in our car to drive to Rotterdam for some shopping (you can never have too much of anything), getting a bite to eat at Betty Bear restaurant and off to the Parade. It was for “Keerweer” their second day of the parade already and it promised to be a packed street full of gays and lesbians again. Young and old gathered up to watch artists, dancers and dragqueens perform on stage.



IMG_0619At 4pm they started with a drag contest from look-a-likes like Christina Aquilera to drags singing live an opera song!!! The host of the evening was very witty and performed also a song and the judges were hilarious with their comments too. In the evening the Parade held on stage a variety of performers like the famous Dutch singer Anita Meijer, several drag queens, the dancers of cafe Keerweer famous Dutch singer Ruth Jacott and even the waiters performed a parody song on Euphoria of Loreen. But last and definitely not least our friend singer and musical artist Alison performed.


Ruth Jacott
Ruth Jacott made by Ilona Beerman
Anita Meijer
Anita Meijer
The judges of the contest
The judges of the contest
DeeDee and singer Jody Bernal
DeeDee and singer Jody Bernal

IMG_0647We had texted with Alison in the afternoon before, so that maybe we could have dinner before, but she missed her flight from Heathrow. SLIGHT PANIC ATTACK!!! It wasn’t  called for to be fashionably late this time. Arriving at 9pm at the hotel, she had to freshen up and get dressed, because she was supposed to be on stage at ten. And she came and conquered the stage as joyful and beautiful like always.


IMG_0641She sang several well-known songs like “raining men” and IMG_0646“enough is enough” and of course her song ” I just wanna Fucking dance”. The crowd got crazy and we as fabulous gays too off course. ;-) When she came on stage she rocked it and when she saw us standing next to catwalk she came to give us a kiss and telling everybody that she knows us from Sitges. Eat your heart out B*tches!!! LMFAO


IMG_0649She gave on stage us a sign and a wink to come see her after the performance and it was IMG_0652nice seeing her again and giving her a big hug. Lots of people wanted to take a picture with her or a talk with her, so Edgar showed us how to get backstage (upstairs above cafe Keerweer) to sit more quietly. We talked further only for a few minutes, because Alison had to take the next morning at seven a flight to Sitges again to perform there the 3 last shows from the season. Next time she and girlfriend Debs have to visit us in Antwerp and we will show our hometown to them.


With our friend singer and musical artist Alison Jiear
With our friend singer and musical artist Alison Jiear

1208707_720019108013527_1277461476_nFor a small cafe like Keerweer Rotterdam they made this a real event with lots of stuff to enjoy forIMG_0654 the audience and I have to say if the Sunday will be as entertaining as the rest, then I am very proud to have witnessed it. They went all out to keep the crowd entertained with nice music, their own annual song of that year and all with smile. You could tell they enjoyed themselves as well for entertaining the demanding gays and lesbians. Keep up the good work and be proud of what you all accomplish. It is a good iniative for the LGBT community here in Rotterdam. Till next year boys and girls!!!



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P.S.: We want to give a special mention and thanks to Ilona Beerman, a female photographer. She gave us permission to use two of her photo’s in this blog and she is going to be one of our photographers, who will send us some Pink-related pictures in the future too!!! Please visit her wonderful website  for more information: http:// www.geelmedia.com